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Yes. Your god. Trapped within the walls of the palace I built for my queen.
James Patrick March[src]

The Trapped Hallway is a hallway at the Hotel Cortez. Completely closed off and soundproofed, the hallway was built as a trap for James March's enemies, though it was later used by Elizabeth.


The hallway has the appearance of a typical hallway at the Cortez. The difference is that there is only one room and many doors that are walled off with bricks. The door of the only room doesn't have a number. The room has a bed and a dresser. Instead of having windows behind the curtains, there is a brick wall.



Natacha after finding out they're trapped.

It was designed and built in the 1920s by James March as a trap for Rudolph and Natacha after he found out that his wife, Elizabeth, has a secret relationship with them. They were trapped there after being beaten by men that James' hired.



The dead bodies of the workers killed by Rudolph and Natacha inside the hallway.

After staying there almost one hundred years, Rudolph and Natacha are set free during the renovations of Will Drake. They were starving after drinking rat blood only for a century and drank the blood of some of the workers.


The cameras on Elizabeth's TV in her penthouse.

Elizabeth planned to marry Will Drake and kill him afterwards so she could inherit his money. She thought about putting him in the hallway. Therefore, she got the hallway renovated by putting a soundproof security door, ceiling-mounted HD cameras and biometrical sensors. After finding out that her ex-lover, Ramona Royale, wants to kill her, she teamed up with Donovan and after electrocuting her, they put her into the hallway as well. She was locked in a neon-lit cage and when Will woke up in the hallway she asked him to set her free only to kill him and drink his blood a few minutes later as The Countess is watching via the cameras.

Alex reveals to John that she is kept by The Countess who is worried about Max's blood-sucking friends. Then he offers her to help her and they trick the children to come to the Cortez. Then Alex leads them to the hallway and traps them inside as Ramona is happy to see some fresh blood.