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Hugo Langdon is Constance's cheating husband. He is a character in the first season (dubbed by fans "Murder House") portrayed by Eric Close. He is the father of Adelaide, Tate, Beauregard, and Rose. Hugo is also the grandfather of Michael.

Personality and Appearance[]

Hugo was a young, good looking man. He may have had a drinking problem, and was an attempted rapist.


Hugo was married to Constance, and they lived in the "Murder House" with their three children: Tate, Beauregard, and Adelaide. Hugo worked as a car salesman. At that time, they decided to hire a maid to help keep their huge house in order. They employed a young Moira O'Hara, who was sexually attractive to Hugo. Hugo and Moira slept together once during a brief affair, but Moira realized that it was a mistake and decided that it wouldn't happen again. One day, Hugo returns home and enters the bedroom with a drink to find Moira making Hugo and Constance's bed. He attempts to seduce Moira, but Moira refuses him. He continues to advance on her and she begs him to stop, saying that she desperately needs to hold onto her job. Hugo does not accept Moira's rejection and attempts to rape her, pinning her down on the bed and forcing himself onto her. As they struggle, Constance walks down the hallway with a gun. She walks into the bedroom and sees her husband on top of Moira, mistaking their encounter for a consensual act. Before Moira can speak, Constance shoots her dead through the eye. Hugo realizes that his life is in danger and he attempts to placate Constance, telling her that it "meant nothing." Constance tells Hug that she's loved him since she was 16 but still shoots him three times in the chest, killing him. She buries Moira's body in the backyard and chops Hugo's body into bits to feed to the dogs. Hugo lingers on the house property as a ghost from that point on. Tate was only six at the time of his father's disappearance, and Constance never admits to the murders. Hugo's children grow up believing that Hugo ran away and abandoned their family.[1]

Decades pass, and the Harmon family now live in the Murder House. Ben Harmon's lover, Hayden, comes to visit Ben and dies on the property. Hugo encounters her ghost, and the two have sex. Hayden becomes overwhelmed with rage about Ben's rejection and takes this out on Hugo, stabbing him multiple times with an awl. Hugo goes still momentarily, but cannot die from his wounds because he is already a ghost. He wakes up and heads off to the kitchen as though nothing had happened.[2]

Constance Langdon is being treated as a suspect in the murder of Travis Wanderly and is questioned by police. They look at her history and begin to inquire about the odd disappearances of her husband and maid. Constance attempts to explain away their disappearance by implying that Hugo and Moira ran away together. In reality, Constance killed them and specifically chopped up Hugo's corpse because she didn't want the two of them to be together, even in a grave.[3]



  • To Moira: "Want a Camaro?"
  • To Hayden (after "ghost sex"): "Do you want anything from the kitchen?"
  • To Constance: "Sweetheart, please! This didn't mean anything."