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Immortality is the ability to live forever in eternal life, allowing those possessed with it an immunity to all aging, disease, and death. It would appear to be an exceptionally rare and complicated condition in the American Horror Story universe, as only a handful of individuals have been shown to possess this power, let alone have any awareness of its very real presence in the world. Thus far, all immortals seen throughout the series have chosen to keep their inability to die a secret from humans, presumably to blend in amongst modern society and to prevent the exposure of endless life to dangerous or unstable individuals who might seek out a way to cheat death. Consequently, very few people are aware that ageless individuals exist among them, and are either unaware of immortality entirely or believe it to be naught but a concept of fiction.

Known Users

  • Gods
  • Angels / Demons
  • Witches / Voodoo Witches - immortal only by use of forbidden black magic, performed via sacrifices to ancient gods; refusal to offer up sacrifices leads to immortality being revoked, often with dire repercussions.
    • Scáthach - commits annual human sacrifices in the name of the old gods every October Blood Moon near an old mansion in North Carolina, aided by the ghosts of The Butcher and Roanoke Colony, whom she cursed in the late 1500s to eternally follow her will.
    • Marie Laveau - (Deceased); Granted immortality by Papa Legba sometime during the early 1800s, in exchange for sacrificing the life of an innocent soul every year within an allotted time of his choosing. In 2013, Laveau's immortality (and by extension, Delphine LaLaurie's, who Marie had granted immortality as a curse against her) was finally revoked by Papa Legba after the witch's failure to procure him one such innocent soul during one of these times, due to Marie's body having been violently mutilated beyond repair by Delphine.
  • Humans
    • Bastien - (Deceased);
    • Delphine LaLaurie - (Deceased); In 1834, after unknowingly being tricked by Marie Laveau into drinking the witch's own tears, Delphine was granted immortality as a punishment by the Voodoo Queen for her torture of black slaves, who then buried Delphine in a wooden coffin which she remained trapped in for several centuries. In 2013 she was finally unearthed by Fiona Goode, who selfishly sought Delphine's secret of eternal life for herself. When Delphine finally got revenge on Marie Laveau by mutilating her and chopping up her limbs, the Voodoo Queen was physically unable to sacrifice the innocent soul Papa Legba requested of her per their yearly agreement, resulting in both her and Delphine's immortality being revoked. As a result, Queenie was able to murder Delphine to prevent her from continuing her violent, racist ways in the current era.
  • Afflicted / Human-Afficted hybrids - immortal at the cost of subsisting on a diet of fresh human blood, lest their lack of sustenance render them to a mummy-like state, with bestial tendencies and an onset malady similar to a high fever. Despite their eternal lifespans, they can be killed via shotgun or laceration, from which they will bleed to death like a normal human.
    • Countess Elizabeth - (Deceased); turned into a vampire by Rudolph Valentino in 1927, who, along with his wife Natacha Rambova, began a secret polyamorous relationship with Elizabeth. The three desired to run away together in order to start a new life, where they could share their love for all of eternity. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Elizabeth, Rudolph and Natacha were beaten, kidnapped, and sealed behind a sound-proof wall of the Hotel Cortez by its founder, James Patrick March, who Elizabeth was married to at the time. When Rudolph and Natacha did not show up at the train station they were scheduled to meet Elizabeth at, the young woman came to believe that her two lovers were either dead or had abandoned her - an event so devastating to Elizabeth that it left a scar on her emotions for the remainder of her immortal life, culminating in her afflicting many people with vampirism over the decades only to abandon them, just as she believed had been done to herself. She was shot and killed by John Lowe in 2015 to complete the Ten Commandments Killings, per the influence of the ghost of James March, who wished to trap The Countess's spirit in the haunted Hotel Cortez to prevent her from ever being able to leave, due to remaining madly in love with her.
    • Bartholomew - The son of Countess Elizabeth, a vampire, and James Patrick March, a human. Like his mother, he craves the blood of living things to sustain himself, though he has a defomed appearance due to his unnatural parentage.
    • F.W. Murnau - (Current status unknown); turned into a vampire somewhere in the 1920s by an unidentified group of vampires dwelling deep in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, who he discovered while conducting research for his film Nosferatu.
    • Rudolph Valentino - (Deceased); turned into a vampire by F.W. Murnau in 1926, who believed that Rudolph's beauty deserved to be forever preserved as "a god among men". Although Rudolph was married to actress Natacha Rambova, he fell in love with Elizabeth, and the three began a secret polyamorous relationship - only for it to end tragically when he and Natacha mysteriously vanished in 1927. Shortly after arriving back in Elizabeth's life again in 2015, he was shot and killed by Donovan, Elizabeth's lover of the last twenty years. Considering that Elizabeth believed Rudolph was dead for almost a century-and-a-half but had never gotten closure over his disappearance to know for sure, Donovan killed Rudolph to prevent the possibility of Elizabeth being heartbroken by her first love all over again, as he believed Elizabeth had spent too many years of her endless lifespan wondering what became of Rudolph. With his death, Elizabeth could finally find closure in knowing he was dead for certain.
    • Natacha Rambova - (Deceased); turned into a vampire by husband Rudolph Valentino in 1926. Despite her marriage to Rudolph, she and her husband began a secret polyamorous relationship with Elizabeth - only for it to end tragically when Rudolph and herself mysteriously vanished in 1927. She was shot and killed by Elizabeth in 2015, due to growing tensions between the two women over which one of them Rudolph valued more, not long after Rudolph arrived back in Elizabeth's life again. Additionally, Rudolph had privately given Elizabeth permission to end his wife's life if she desired to do so, as decades of having remained trapped in the hotel with Natacha caused him to fall out of love with her.
    • Ramona Royale - Turned into a vampire by Elizabeth, who took her as her lover in 1977
    • Donovan - (Deceased); turned into a vampire by Elizabeth, who took him as her lover in 1994, where he has since remained her one true love. He was accidentally shot by Iris and Liz Taylor during their attempted assassination of The Countess in 2015. Because Donovan died outside of the Hotel Cortez, he did not return as a ghost like his lover did.
    • Iris - Turned into a vampire by her son, Donovan, in 2015, who found her in the midst of her attempted suicide and afflicted her with immortality to prevent her death.
    • Tristan Duffy - (Deceased); turned into a vampire by Elizabeth, who took him as her lover in 2015 after her short breakup with Donovan. He was murdered by Elizabeth in the same year after she discovered Tristan's affair with Liz Taylor, sparking the latter's thirst for revenge.
    • The Towheads - (Deceased); turned into vampires by The Countess as nabbed children she adopted as her own, presumably throughout the course of various time periods. They willingly allowed themselves to be drained of blood by Elizabeth in 2015 via medical assistance provided by Sally McKenna, who wished to heal The Countess from the near-fatal bullet wounds she sustained from Iris and Liz Taylors' attempt on her life.
    • Wren - (Deceased); turned into a vampire by The Countess in 1986 as a nabbed child she adopted as her own. She committed suicide by jumping in front of an oncoming truck, having grown tired of never being able to age or live a normal life, and also because she was an accessory to the Ten Commandments Killer murders.
    • Holden Lowe - Turned into a vampire by Elizabeth in 2010 as one of several nabbed children she adopted as her own.
    • Alex Lowe - Turned into a vampire in 2015 by Elizabeth as a means of being reunited with her son, Holden, in exchange for working as The Countess's personal servant.
    • Max Ellison - (Deceased); turned into a vampire in 2015 by Alex Lowe to prevent him from dying of measles. After being threatened by The Countess over this, Alex imprisoned Max and the classmates he afflicted with vampirism in the Hotel Cortez's trapped hallway. While there, he was killed and consumed by a starving Ramona Royale, who had been imprisoned there by The Countess.