I don't feel nothing. I'm a human voodoo doll.

Injury Transference is the power to transfer physical injuries and pain inflicted on oneself to another person. It is one of the magical abilities showcased in Coven.


Injury Transference is the ability to direct pain and physical damage to another when the injury is inflicted on oneself. A witch with this power is sometimes known as a "human voodoo doll". When the injury occurs to the witch possessing this power it instantly heals as the damage is transferred to another body. The pain of the injury is also transferred allowing a witch to inflict grievous injury upon themselves experiencing nothing while the victim experiences excruciating pain, as when Queenie held a heated metal spatula to her face, burning the face of Spalding and inflicting enough pain to cause him to pass out while she simply laughed. Queenie was born with this ability, and first displayed it when she stabbed herself in the hand with a fork and directed the wound onto Madison Montgomery after a heated argument, laughing at Madison's screams and the blood leaking from her hand.[1] It was later revealed that Queenie used this power before when she worked at a fast food restaurant, when an irate customer demanded more food after not being given the correct amount. Queenie told him he was lying and had simply eaten the food in order to get more. When the customer insulted her weight, she dipped her right arm in the boiling oil of the deep fryer and directed the damage to his right arm.[2]

This power is also a very useful defense mechanism as seen when Queenie was attacked by Ramona Royale in the Hotel Cortez and every time Ramona attempted to cut or stab Queenie she painfully harmed herself. At its height, the power also uniquely afforded Queenie immunity to blessed silver which have otherwise shown to be somewhat detrimental to witches and their magic. This was exemplified when Hank Foxx broke in and massacred all the Voodoo practitioners but before he could kill Marie Laveau, Queenie shot herself in the mouth, allowing her to transfer the injury to Hank but not the silver bullet. She passed out from the effort but survived without a scratch, spitting out the bullet and making a full recovery.[3]

Beings such as ghosts, zombies and androids are immune to or unaffected by injury transference. James March was able to critically wound Queenie by stabbing her in the chest without any harm befalling him due to his lack of a physical body, stating that as he was a ghost, Queenie's magic had "nowhere to go".[4] Similarly, injury transference had no significant effect on the undead Borquita Lopez as she was a corpse reanimated by necromancy and while the wounds Queenie transferred did appear on her body, as a zombie she was unaffected by the pain or death that would normally result from them.[5]

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