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"Inside" is the eighth episode of Double Feature. It premiered October 6, 2021.


The President struggles with the morality of a deal he must make.[1]



Dwight Eisenhower's Vice President Richard Nixon approaches the retired Eisenhower about having to brief current President Kennedy regarding the alien treaty. Nixon is concerned that JFK can not be trusted to abide by the agreement, especially as Robert Kennedy is probing the budget and will soon discover it. The three men meet in the Oval Office, but once briefed, Kennedy is skeptical and angry. He is furious that dominant technology is being exchanged at the cost of American lives.

He fills in Marilyn Monroe, his mistress, who is not surprised, as she believes that she herself was abducted as a child. She advises him to go public. He assembles a study group to advise him on how to communicate the deal to the public, which Nixon discloses to Eisenhower. Soon thereafter, Kennedy is fatally shot. Eisenhower is unnerved about the assassination, but Mamie reminds him that the treaty was worth it and that he should not be ashamed of the costs.


President Eisenhower is indecisive on whether to take the deal from the aliens. His advisors counsel him that the aliens could make a deal with Russia instead. Subject 1, still inhabiting Maria Wycoff, enters the meeting with gifts of stealth and fiber-optic technologies. Subject 1 insists that the alien homeworld is dying and they are desperate to find solutions. The experimentation is necessary to create hybrids that can thrive even in Earth's toxic and pathogenic environments. Refusing to agree with the demands, a military General rises from his seat and aims his pistol at Subject 1. With a flick of her wrist, his head explodes. Unable to further sustain control of the human body, Subject 1 exits the meeting by exploding Maria's head.

Meanwhile, after delivery, the initial newborn hybrid killed several medical staff including Amelia. Eisenhower leads an armed crew into the sealed delivery room and they all shoot it before it can escape containment. This fills him further with doubt, and Mamie plays on his patriotism.

Secretly, Mamie shows Nixon sensitive files from Eisenhower's desk, coercing him to talk her husband into agreeing to the terms. Later, Eisenhower notices that the handkerchief Nixon is using came from Mamie's monogrammed collection. When Eisenhower confronts Mamie, she reveals that Subject 1 now inhabits his wife's body. The alien presence threatens him, reminding him of Maria's fate.

Present Day

The young adults rush to Jamie's OBGYN with the hope of finding answers about their rapidly developing pregnancies. After the doctor looks at Jamie's fetus on the ultrasound, she queasily leaves the room. Kendall forces Troy to an ultrasound examination, and the monitor shows an obviously non-human fetus in his abdomen. From another room, as the doctor calls for an emergency consult, agents drive up outside the clinic. Men in black suits shoot the doctor before barging into the room where they drug the pregnant adults, knocking them out.

The next time Kendall wakes, they are in an all white room, laying suspended mid-air and wearing only bandage-like cloth wraps. Everyone else in the room is unconscious. A masked and hooded woman insists Kendall not wake them. The woman, who has pointed fingertips and no fingernails, calls the room a "safe space" where they can be prepared for the next phase. The woman discloses that she is not one of the ones that implanted them with the babies she calls "hope for the future", but is something else. They have been chosen and gifted an opportunity to save a planet, heavily implying that it is not Earth they are saving. With a wave of the woman's hand, Kendall falls back from consciousness and into a dream-like mental landscape.

In the mindscape, Kendall sits in an all-white dining hall watched over by suited men. The diners (all pregnant, both male and female) eat gelatinous cubes and are guided by robed attendants. Nearby, a woman named Calico, is speaking with Steve Jobs, who is unnerved that after 50 years of progress, humanity is still using pencils. Troy, Cal, and Jamie enter the room and upon spotting Kendall, rush to join her. They were concerned when Kendall abruptly left the mindscape, when she awoke in the physical world. Calico joins their table after the group is given their meal. She tells them that she was a dancer and Las Vegas entertainer, and has been brought to the mindscape annually for decades. Troy begins to freak out and ask questions, and Calico's responses imply that the fetus will find its own way out of him rather than being surgically removed. Kendall, Cal and Jamie are advised to stay calm as the hosts sedate and carry him away. Troy awakens in another room where he goes into labor, with the fetus clawing and eating its way through his abdomen. The masked woman tells him that he should focus on the future and that he will be rewarded for the pain he is enduring. She removes her mask, revealing she is a hybrid with half her face human-like and half-alien.

Featured Characters[]

John F. Kennedy[]

John "Jack" F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States, succeding President Eisenhower.

Marilyn Monroe[]

Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jeane Mortenson) was a famous actress, model and singer. She was the lover of President Kennedy.

Steve Jobs[]

Steve Jobs is a resident in Area 51.


  • Like the previous episode, part of it is in black and white.

Cultural References[]

Raised Questions[]

  • What's Theta's purpose?
  • Why the aliens chose a new veseel?
  • Will the four successfully escape after giving birth to hybrids?