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Ishmael Polk is the vile patriarch of the Polk family. He is a character in Roanoke primarily portrayed by Frank Collison. In his "My Roanoke Nightmare" appearances, he is portrayed by an unnamed in-universe actor, who is portrayed by Grady Lee Richmond.


Ishmael and Mama give birth to three children and they all have turns having sex with her harassing anyone at the Roanoke House.

Personality and Appearance[]

Ishmael is a man in his 70s who, because of poor living conditions, is hideous. He has long scraggly grey hair. He has a slender body and has a bruised and ragged face.


Ismael Polk is first seen with his sons trying to get the Roanoke House but they lose the bid. He later captures Shelby, Matt, and Flora and takes them back to the Butcher. Ishmeal and his kids later kidnap Lee, Monet, and Audrey and bring them to his farm. At the farm the Polks make Monet and Audrey eat Lee's flesh. The Polks then try to make teeth necklaces from Monet's teeth but she escapes and Ishamel and Lot chase after her. The next day he confronts Audrey and Monet about Mama's death but he is shot by Audrey and left to die.


  • Ishmael, like his sons, is named after a biblical figure. His name is a reference to the first son of Abraham in the Book of Genesis.
  • The Polks seem to be based on the Peacock family from The X-Files episode, Home. Like the Peacocks, the Polks are murdering, deformed, inbred "hillbilly" characters dominated by a sexually abusive mother.


  • To Shelby and Matt: "You don't want this house.."
  • Ishmael (to Audrey)
    You killed Mama. She was the glue that held this family together. I'm gonna murder you real slow for what you done.