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Det. Jack Colquitt is the name of two characters from the series. One is portrayed by Geoffrey Rivas in Murder House and the other by P.J. Marshall in Freak Show. With a nearly 60 year span between them, it is uncertain how they are connected or if they are at all.

Murder House[]

Jack Colquitt is detective for the Los Angeles Police Department, assigned to the Missing Persons division. He is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Geoffrey Rivas.He investigated the disappearance of Sally Freeman. He interviewed Ben Harmon, determining that Ben was the last to see her prior to her disappearance. He returned Ben's audio recorder after Freeman was discovered.

Freak Show[]

Jack Colquitt is a detective with the Jupiter Police Department. He is a character in Freak Show portrayed by P.J. Marshall. In response to a string of murders and kidnappings, Colquitt visited the freaks to inform them of the curfew being enforced in town. He returned later in response to an anonymous tip, with a warrant to search the premises for evidence in the disappearance of fellow officer Detective Bunch. When the cop's badge was discovered in Meep's trailer, he placed the geek under arrest for murder.[1]

Det. Colquitt questioned Jimmy regarding the events of Halloween night which ended in the death of Twisty and the freeing of his captives. His admiration for the boy's humility and heroics was interrupted by Jimmy's promise to make someone pay for Meep's death in jail.[2]

The detective responds to a call from Regina Ross at Mott Manor who reports that Dandy Mott has confessed to her the murder of her mother, Dora Brown. Dandy offers the officer a million dollars to overlook his crimes and kill Regina, which he does without hesitation.

At Dandy's orders, Colquitt frames and arrests Jimmy for the Tupperware Party Massacre.[3] He helps Dandy find evidence on Chester Creb since Chester is in love with Bette and Dot Tattler he figures out that Chester killed his wife and her lover but said his doll Marjorie did it.



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