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Detective Jack Samuels is a man with few secrets of his own. He is a character in Cult portrayed by Colton Haynes. He is called upon to investigate the mysterious brutal attacks at the hands of clown-masked assailants.


Detective Samuels first met Kai Anderson when he caught him writing false prescriptions for drug users with his brother's prescription pad and signature. Samuels blackmailed Kai into cutting him in on the profits. One night, when Kai goes to Jack’s apartment to deliver the money, he finds several Nazi memorabilia and the detective trying to have sex with a woman. He is unable to perform and tries to get aroused by putting his hands around her neck. After she storms out, Jack has a conversation about his sexuality with Kai insisting that he isn't gay. But Kai convinces Samuels to have sex with him.[1]

By December 2016, Jack was an actual member of Kai's cult and had started a romantic relationship with Harrison Wilton.[2]

Personality and Appearance[]

Detective Jack Samuels is a young man who presents himself as a duty-bound police officer. Samuels is a man who is athletically built and is in his early thirties. He has bleached blond hair and is referred to as being very physically attractive.


He is first seen having sex with Harrison in the super market in their costumes. Detective Samuels investigated Ally Mayfair-Richards's alleged attack in a supermarket at the hands of clown-masked assailants. He ensured Ivy, Ally's wife, that there was no evidence in the video surveillance. Jack particpated in the murder of the Changs. Several nights later, Detective Samuels was among the police officers investigating the murder of a couple who lived near Mayfair-Richards house. When questioned about it by the two women, the detective avoided disclosing information about the case, merely saying it was a murder-suicide.[3]

Detective Samuels questioned Ivy and Ally about the murder of Roger, an employee of The Butchery On Main restaurant. The pieces of circumstantial evidence pointed to another employee, Pedro Morales, and Det. Samuels made it clear that he considered Pedro the first suspect, particularly interested in finding out if Pedro was a clandestine immigrant or not.[4]

Detective Samuels was assigned the murder case at Mayfair-Richards house and assured Ally that what happened was self-defense. The detective was convinced that Pedro was Roger's murderer and that he was not surprised Pedro showed up at their house to target a woman and a child. He also particpates in the murder of Rosie and Mark. In an interview with a journalist, Beverly Hope about a possible connection between the Chang family's murder and that of Rosie and Mark, and a potential serial killer on the loose in their midst, Det. Samuels responded with an arid "no comment." Later on, Jack was spending time at Meadow and Harrison Wilton's home, with a slight sexual tension between the two men. Afterwards, concerned by the direction that the case was taking, Det. Samuels proposed Ally and Ivy the idea of putting their family under surveillance.[5] He also took part in the murder of Bob Thompson.

With Meadow out of the picture, Jack met with Harrison at the Wiltons' house at night, not knowing that Ally was watching them from her window. Afterwards, Jack was sitting alongside Harrison while the remaining members of the cult waited for Kai Anderson's arrival. [6] He also particpates in killing R.J.

Jack and Harrison were having sex when Ally sneaked into Wiltons' house to release Meadow who, due to her betrayal toward Kai, was cut off from the cult, and brutally tied and gagged by Jack and Harrison. However, the noises caused by Meadow in the garage alerted the two men who chased the women out on the street, but Ally and Meadow managed to run away with a car. Later, Jack took part in Sally Keffler's murder along with other cult members in their clown attire.[2]

Jack came out of Anderson's house along with Gary and several bodyguards when Rudy Vincent visited his brother. Later, he was sitting near Beverly Hope in the boardroom of the City Hall as Kai got more and more power. Other times later, he was summoned by Kai to perform a sacred ritual. Wearing white robe, he was sitting in the opposite corner of a sofa along with Winter, ready to become part of Kai's delusion about conceiving a messiah. Once Kai joined them, the men stripped and Jack and Winter were anointed on parts of their bodies before laying down the bed. Since Jack was unable to have an erection and not to commit incest, Jack would have inseminated Winter with Kai inseminating him at the same time. While they were about to start the orgy, Winter refused to go further.

Later on, Jack picked up Winter who was wearing an orange jumpsuit and a dunce cap while throwing out the trash on the side of the road – her punishment for disobeying Kai before. Once in the car, they talked about Samuel's relationship with Kai and how he got involved with him in the first place. Winter laughed at his total submission to her brother and called him gay. Jack snapped and attempted to rape her but Winter managed to pull his gun out of the holster and shot him in the head.[1]



  • To Winter (about conceiving a messiah): "This is important work we're doing. Maybe the most important thing we'll ever do."
  • To Kai: "Maybe I can cum in a cup, and we can turkey-baster it into her, or something."