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Jamie Howard is a teenager allergic to semen with the dreams of becoming a doctor. She is a character in Double Feature portrayed by Rachel Hilson.


Personality and Appearance[]


Kendall is part of the group of students made up of Jamie, Troy, Cal, and Kendall, who are all abducted after taking a trip to the desert.

When they return home from the desert, Kendall is sick and phones Jamie. Jamie is also sick, and they talk about whether they could be pregnant. They both take pregnancy tests and they both come back positive. Cal and Troy come over and they make them take pregnancy tests too which also come back positive. Jamie suggests they all visit her ObGyn, where she and Troy get ultrasounds revealing they are pregnant with Alien babies. They are brought to Area 51 very soon after this.

In Area 51, they meet Calico who gives them information about where they are, and tells them there's no chance of escape. She also shows them the set of the Moon Landing, saying it's where she goes for peace.

Troy is the first to give birth of the group. He rejoins the group a week later and says it wasn't painful, it was beautiful, but they killed his baby in front of him by slitting its throat. He is devastated by this as he wants to have a family with Cal.

Kendall and Jamie are held in a room together while an alarm is going off, then ordered to go back to the dining hall where neither Kendall or Jamie can find Troy or Cal. They Check the Moon Landing set, and finds them both dead, along with 3 dead soldiers. Theta then comes in and puts both Kendall and Jamie to sleep.

Jamie gives birth to an imperfect alien/human hybrid, and has her throat slit. Then Kendall gives birth to the 'Perfect Specimen' and is decapitated with a laser before having a metal orb put on her head made from extraterrestrial technology to preserve her body so she can repopulate the alien race.


  • To Kendall: "The only guy I've been with lately almost killed me with his cum."