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Johnny Morgan is the result of a twisted union. He is a character in Asylum primarily portrayed by Dylan McDermott.


Johnny Morgan is the biological son of Dr. Oliver Thredson and Lana Winters. During his childhood, Johnny began to skin dead animals and bounced around foster homes due to his sadistic impulses. Johnny stopped harming animals during his adolescent years and was arrested and sent to prison for armed robbery.[3]

Personality and Appearance[]

Johnny has always been fascinated by morbidity but it wasn't until he discovered his origin that he fully embraced his aggressive and violent impulses, directing his anger towards women instead of animals like he used to do when he was a child. [4] This is straightforward explained as Johnny harbors an aggressive resentment against his mother for abandoning him, killing his father, and refusing to suckle him although this last resentment is biased by his own idea about his mother formed through the years, as Lana did breastfeed him soon after his birth.[5] Johnny's instability is worsened by hallucinations of his biological parents acting as a projection of his twisted beliefs.[3]


See above article for Johnny's complete story. In prison, Johnny used the internet to find his biological parents. Retraced his roots and rented out his father's home, he began to carry on the Bloody Face legacy.[4][6]


  • To Teresa (skinning her): "Shut up! This is delicate work!"
  • To Dr. Gardner: "You see, my name isn't Morgan. It's Thredson. I'm the son of Bloody Face."


  • He is the second character to be portrayed by Dylan McDermott. For a complete list of his characters, see Cast.
  • He is the second known character to be conceived via rape. The first was Michael Langdon.
  • Since Johnny was conceived around Christmas 1964, it is more likely than not that he was born sometime in June 1965.
  • According to Ryan Murphy, the intentional irony of the episode "Spilt Milk" is that Johnny Morgan's ire against his mother and her supposed refusal to suckle him is unjustified - "he’s so full of remorse and hatred and bile for things he thought he didn’t get that he actually did get."[7]



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