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Jonas Shevoore is a mysterious ragged looking young man, who suffers from amnesia. He is a character in 1984 portrayed by Lou Taylor Pucci.


Jonas was one of the counselors during the 1970 massacre at Camp Redwood. The young man has vague memories of seeing the carnage all around him before fleeing. Jonas did not get far as he was run over, and promptly got his head caved in by the driver. His remains were disposed of in the bushes. Unable to move on due to his traumatic death, Jonasʼ ghost seems to be anchored to Camp Redwood, in a perpetual state of amnesia.[2]

Personality And Appearance[]

Jonas seems troubled and easily agitated, though this could be due to all he's recently suffered. The young man looks rather disheveled and dirty, wearing early seventies style clothes and donning long hair.


Emerging from the bushes in a state of panic, the hiker is hit by the gang in their van in the summer of 1984. When the counselors attempt to help him, he babbles about trying and failing. Under the care of nurse Rita, the hiker can't seem to relax when he learns he's at Camp Redwood.

When he woke up in the infirmary, he discovers one of his ears has been severed. Confronted by Brooke, the young man claims the phones are down, and that she and her friends should hightail it out of the camp.

Brooke later discovers the hiker's mangled corpse nailed to the infirmary door. However, the body is gone by the time Brooke returns with the others.[3]

Jonas appears again when Brooke finds herself being chased by the "Night Stalker", and inadvertently saves her when he bumps into the killer. Ramirez then disembowls the unfortunate hiker and cuts his throat for good measure. A short while later Ramirez comes across Jonas yet again and stabs him to death, only for the hiker to vanish shortly thereafter.

Margaret Booth tracks down Jonas' spirit in the bushes near where he died. At first, the hiker doesn't recognize her, but bit by bit his memory begins to return. Jonas feels he acted cowardly and is unsure what his purpose is as he himself doesn't even believe in spirits despite being one. Magaret tells Jonas that this is all part of God's plan.[2]

After Ray's spirit has attempted and failed to leave Camp Redwood's grounds. Jonas appears and advises him to accept his fate: Camp Redwood is their home now.[4]

Jonas is found stumbeling along the road to Camp Redwood by Bruce. Jonas is offered a ride by the charming serial killer and asks him to take him to Redwood. While driving Bruce attemts to start a conversation with the hitchhiker but doesn't get anywhere fast. When muffeled screaming is heard, Bruce stops and kills the woman he had tied up in the trunk. Jonas is nowhere to be seen when the killer returns to the front seat.[5] After Benjamin dies for the first time as a ghost, Jonas and him have a nice little conversation about it. Jonas is seen killing Margaret and Rameriez, told by Montana. Jonas is last seen awaiting to kill Maragret again.


  • To Brooke: "You have to leave. Something terrible is gonna happen."
  • To Margaret: "Am I a ghost?"


  • His name "Jonas Shevoore" is an anagram of "Jason Voorhees", the hockey-masked killer from the Friday the 13th franchise.



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