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I'll tell you who the monsters are! The people outside this tent! In your town...
Elsa Mars

Jupiter is the small town in South Florida where, in the early 1950's, Fraulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities was currently making camp. They boast their own hospital and police department and small businesses such as Mr. Hanley's Toy Store and a diner.


Listed is a sampling of the residents of Jupiter.

Bill Palmer[]

Bill Palmer is a milkman, employed with D-licious Milk D-livery.

One morning on his route, he noticed the bottles of milk he had left previously sitting outside the door of the Tattler's residence. After finding the door was open and walking into the house, he discovered the murdered corpse of Eudora Tattler and her unusual twin daughters she had kept hidden from the community.

Eudora Tattler[]

Eudora Tattler, is the elderly mother of Bette and Dot Tattler who lived a secret life of keeping her deformed daughters hidden, making sure no one in the community could see them. One night, Bette yelled at Eudora for never leaving the house and Bette kills her.

Troy Miller[]

Troy Miller was a teenage boy murdered by Twisty the Clown.

One afternoon at Lake Okeechobee on the outskirts of Jupiter, Troy and his girlfriend Bonnie were making out at a picnic. Troy tells Bonnie he has a present for her in his car. As he goes to get it, Twisty the Clown appears. When Troy returns and asks who the clown is, Twisty knocks them both out with one of his juggling pins. Bonnie awakens to witness Troy being stabbed to death by Twisty, and screams in horror.

Detective Bunch[]

Detective Robert Bunch (portrayed by Dane Rhodes) was investigating the murder of Eudora Tattler but hit a snag when his prime suspects took it on the lam. Luckily for him, his lawman's intuition led him to follow the big road sign advertising a Two-Headed Girl at the Freak Show. However, his attempt to arrest the girls was thwarted by Jimmy Darling, who slit his throat with a razor and, with help from his fellows, dismembered and buried his body.

It was with Bunch's badge that Jimmy attempted to frame Dell Toledo, who turned the tables and sent Meep to his death in jail.

Officer Pipes[]

Officer Pipes (portrayed by Ross Britz) is a uniformed officer on the force. He was assigned the duty of guarding the twin's hospital room until they could be questioned by detectives regarding their mother's murder, at which he failed.[1]

The Tupperware Ladies[]

Victims of the Tupperware Party Massacre.
 Sylvia Mills
TPM Sylvia Mills
 Myrna Austin
MAU Myrna Austin
 Joanne Miller
TPM Joanne Miller
 Elaine Seymour
MAU Elaine Seymour

Sylvia Mills was the hostess of the secret parties in which the women of Jupiter were serviced by Jimmy Darling. When her husband, George, returned home after the massacre committed by Dandy Mott, he discovered eight bodies in the bloody pool, which included his wife. In Dandy's service, Det. Jack Colquitt falsely arrested Jimmy for the murders of Sylvia, Myrna Austin, Joanne Miller, Elaine Seymour, and the other four ladies. No information is known about the other four victims.

Mr. Hanley[]

Mr. Hanley was the owner of the local toy store. While Twisty is telling his story to Edward Mordrake, a flashback reveals the reason why Twisty murdered Mr. Hanley.

During a time when Twisty was down on his luck and looking for work, he created a few poorly assembled toys and tried to sell them to the toy store owner, who refused Twisty's offer, saying nobody would want to buy them.

Twisty then approaches a child in the store and tries to interest him in one of his toys, but his way of presenting it leaves the boy terrified. Mr. Hanley then orders an enraged Twisty to leave the store, and he storms out.

After a failed suicide attempt, Twisty returns to murder Mr. Hanley. He cuts Mr. Hanley's head off and leaves his severed head on a shelf to be discovered by a clerk the next day.


Andy is a young man who works as a prostitute at the High Noon bar, where he seduces men who go to the bar to vent their repressed homosexuality.  

Dell Toledo, under the false name of "John," establishes a sexual relationship with Andy but, while Andy sees the relationship as something purely sexual and based on the exchange of money, Dell falls in love with the man but is rejected.  

Andy then seduces Dandy Mott, who draws him to the Magic Bus, which formerly belonged to Twisty the Clown. Inside the bus, Dandy proposes sexual intercourse, that Andy accepts willingly finding Dandy extremely attractive. However, while Andy is in his underwear, Dandy places Twisty's mask on his face and brutally stabs the hooker. Strangely, Andy does not die immediately, and Dandy is forced to dismember Andy telling the boy that he is almost making him feel guilty.


  • Andy is the first character portrayed by Matt Bomer. For a complete list of his characters, see Cast.


"Thor" is the prostitute employed by Stanley on several occasions. The credits refer to him as "Viking Hustler" since his first appearance, though Stanley referred to him jokingly as Thor. Stanley also employs him in acting roles, with varying levels of success.

Avon Lady[]

The Avon lady is lured into the Mott Manor by Dandy, shortly after he killed his mother. Right after she enters, Dandy picks up a candlestick and bludgeons her with it. He later decapitates her and sews her severed head onto the shoulder of his mother's corpse, so he can have a two-headed puppet.


Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities[]

Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities is the performing troupe of atypical individuals commonly called "freaks" in a traveling carnival operated by Elsa Mars.

Magic Bus[]

The Magic Bus is abandoned bus in a forest near Jupiter, Florida where Twisty held his captives. It was later used by Twisty's acolyte, Dandy Mott to dismember his victims.

High Noon[]

The High Noon is a gay bar where Dell, Andy, and Stanley spend most of their free time. Dandy goes to attract and kill Andy at the High Noon. Dell goes there the next day to see Andy but the bartender makes a joke about their relationship and Dell nearly kills him while Stanley watches from afar.

Mott Manor[]

The Mott Manor is a large mansion estate located near, or in Jupiter, Florida and has been the residence of the Mott family for years.

Hanley's Toy Store[]

Hanley's Toy Store is a toy store that Twisty wanted to sell him items at and was refused by the owner. Twisty goes back many years later and kills the owner and a clerk.


The Diner is a little diner, where Jimmy goes to flirt with a waitress named Carol. One day, the freaks go there to eat but cause a ruckus, much to Dell's fury who beats Jimmy to the ground, much to the people in the diner's disgust.



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