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Justin is an uptight and needy hipster. He is a character in Hotel portrayed by Darren Criss.


Justin lives with his girlfriend, Babe in Los Angeles. They've been terrorized by the kids that go out for candy on Halloween in the past years and this year they've decided to book a hotel for the night.

Personality and Appearance[]

Justin has black hair and a slim face. He usually wears scarves, a jacket, and slim jeans.


Justin, a former photographer for Entrez-vouz magazine, and his girlfriend, Babe want a discount for being social media tastemakers. Iris leads them to their room, which they balk at.

The couple wants a cheeseboard and grilled romaine from room service, which brings Iris to tears. They modify their order to pate, and Liz is happy to oblige them with cat food on a silver platter and insists that Iris teach the hipster couple some manners. The couple watches the news and continues complaining (except for the "decent" pate). Iris snaps and stabs Justin and Babe with the cutlery and corkscrew, respectively killing them both.[1]


  • To Iris: "We can make sure that you never work again."
  • To Iris: "We want to stay in one of the rooms that Will Drake has redone."
  • Justin: "How hard is it to get some goddamn kale around here?!"



Associated Characters[]


Babe is the equally uptight and needy hipster girlfriend of Justin. They checked into the Cortez together to have a break of all the children who are trick-or-treating on Halloween every year and are disturbing them. The two are later killed by Iris.[1]

She later becomes one of the models for Will Drake's fashion show at the Hotel Cortez.[2]


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