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Kathy Pizazz is a cabaret performer singing at the Neptune Baths, a bathhouse she also run. She is a character in NYC portrayed by Patti LuPone. Her entrepreneurship extends beyond the ordinary.


Kathy Pizazz is a woman of Sicilian descent. She was the Grand Marshal at the Pride Parade of New York City in 1971 – two mules and a wagon, by her account. But she was on that wagon ever since. Kathy worked at the Neptune Baths for decades. A place that she describes as a "dungeon" and "quite a comedown" from the dressing rooms of the Plymouth Theatre where she used to perform.[2]


Kathy performs at the Neptune Baths wearing an elegant ivory dress and a crown while men covered at most with towels are scattered around the various baths or at the bar. Kathy sings Peggy Lee's 'Fever'. Nights later, she's wearing a pink dress whilst singing 'Calling You' by Holly Cole. [3]

Kathy auditions a drag queen singing 'Anything Goes' to replace her on some evenings when Gino Barelli enters the bathhouse. The two have an altercation when Kathy refuses to cooperate to tarnish Neptune's reputation with Barelli's insinuations she doesn't care about the young gay men – her clients – dropping dead by the minute. The two eventually see eye to eye when they recognize each other as stubborn Italian-Americans. Kathy recalls the glories of her days and how she has been a Grand Marshal at the NYC Pride Parade since '71s. She agrees to be interviewed but is not sure it will help. By her own account, something strange is happening to their community. It's getting darker in its habits. Nevertheless, she urges the police to do more in her statement. [2]

Kathy's other business is giving her problems. Two psychics quit and she finds herself having to make ends meet. Fran takes the job at the psychic reader's parlor despite having no clairvoyant skills. For Kathy this is not a problem at all since she herself believes psychics are just parlor tricks to entertain. However, Kathy is interested in showing Gino a number when he accuses her of exploiting people's suffering. During the tarot reading that foretells death, the reporter has a fit and leaves Kathy stunned. [4]

A vision of Kathy appears at Patrick Read's bedside as he succumbs to complications of AIDS. Kathy sings 'Calling You' by Holly Cole.[5]

In her dressing room, Kathy receives a visit from Adam Carpenter. The young man wants to hang flyers concerning health and the chanteuse initially mistakes him for an employee of the health insurance, lamenting the death of patrons despite all the care she's putting in sanitization. Kathy reveals that she is closing up shop and that this will be her last performance. Something has changed, there is no longer vitality but only suffering. Before Adam leaves, she tells him that he is too young to think about dying. [5]

Personality and Appearance[]


  • Kathy: "I say to the police who service this area―do more! Help us!"
  • Kathy: "How many more people have to be gone before someone does something?"
  • To Adam: "Now, listen, kid, you are way too young to be thinking about how not to die. Don't forget how to live."


  • Kathy's Italian heritage conforms to Patti LuPone's own heritage; her mother's side of the family is Sicilian.
  • It's possible that her character's name could be a nod to Kathy Bates.
  • She is the second character portrayed by Patti LuPone. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.


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