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Kit Walker is a Briarcliff inmate falsely accused of the Bloody Face killings. He is a character in Asylum portrayed by Evan Peters.


Kit worked as a gas station attendant and was married to Alma Walker. Their interracial marriage was stigmatized and illegal at the time so just like Lana Winters and Wendy Peyser they had to keep their relationship a secret. They would often have to deal with people often mistreating them for thier relationship with each other.

Personality and Appearance[]

Kit Walker is a sexy young man with short, beautiful naturally slight curled golden-brown hair and intense dark brown eyes.

Kit is generally kind, loving, and mild-mannered, avoiding confrontation with his acquaintance Billy Marshall, who subtly taunted him about his interracial marriage. He is the type of person that is stubborn when confronted about his side of the story. He always sticks to his side even when others say he is wrong.


After a night at work,[1] Kit comes home to some passionate love-making with his wife, Alma. As she finishes the preparations for dinner, he hears strange noises and goes outside to investigate. He is confronted with a blinding flash of light and powerful noise. When he returns to the house to search for his wife, he sees objects in the room levitate and is pinned against the ceiling by an unseen force. He then has a series of bizarre visions involving green humanoids.

Kit is committed to Briarcliff after being accused of murdering his wife and two other unnamed women. He is known to the media as "Bloody Face," a serial killer who skinned and decapitated his victims and used their skin as a mask. He claims innocence of the crimes and that his wife was kidnapped by aliens. Upon arriving at the asylum, Kit immediately becomes a target of Sister Jude and soon finds an ally in Grace. He is subjected to painful experiments by Dr. Arthur Arden which lead to the discovery of a microchip implanted in his neck. Kit is then taken to see Oliver Thredson, a visiting psychiatrist,[2] to whom he ineffectively pleads his sanity. During the exorcism of Jed Potter, the cell doors come open and Kit discovers Lana and Grace running for the exits. When he attempts to follow, Lana rebuffs him, prompting Kit and Grace to escape on their own but they are stopped by the guards when Lana raises the alarm. The next day Kit and Grace are to be caned due to their actions, but Kit takes full responsibility and the lashes due Grace are added to his own.

Kit is sent to Dr. Arden once again,[3] who performs more sadistic experiments on him. He believes Kit is a spy working for the KGB or their allies. During Briarcliff's movie night, Kit, Grace, and Shelley attempt to escape and are soon joined by Lana, to whom he explains that he understands her doubt in him but asserts his innocence. Kit, Grace, and Lana successfully make it outside but are forced to retreat when strange creatures feeding on a corpse turn their attention to them. Though the three have been reported missing, they make it back to the common room in time for a wobbly Sr. Jude to mistake Shelley, the Mexican and Pepper as the escapees.

After learning from his lawyer that Grace is gravely ill when Kit mentions wanting her to testify for him, he hits his lawyer twice in the head with a hole-puncher before escaping out of the window to make his way back to Briarcliff. The police hunt him down and order anyone to shoot him on sight should they find him. Kit finds Grace in Briarcliff's kitchen and attempts to escape with her when one of the nuns come in. The nun attempts to call for help but is attacked and killed by one of the creatures. Kit kills it with a dough mixing attachment when Frank enters the room. Just as he is about to shoot Kit, Grace jumps in front of the bullet and sacrifices herself to save Kit. 

Kit lays in the infirmary, weak from sedation. He has a hallucination of himself and Alma on Christmas, putting up a tree. The pregnant Alma soon turns into Grace, and the two dance before Kit snaps out of the dream. Lana tells him that Thredson is the real Bloody Face and that he manipulated Kit into confessing to all of the murders he committed. Kit also tells Lana that Grace is dead. When Lana is attacked by Thredson when he managed to track her down to Briarcliff, Kit knocks him unconscious. Kit and Lana take his body to an abandoned storage room for safekeeping. Kit suggests that they need Thredson because he is the key to his exoneration.

Lana visits Kit, and tells him that she wants to kill Thredson. Kit talks her out of it, and the two devise a plan to make Thredson confess to the murders by using Lana's pregnancy as leverage. The two are successful, and Kit records Thredson's confession onto a recorder. Dr. Arden finds Kit and takes him back to his office, where Arden tells him that he had an encounter with the aliens and he believes Kit's story. Arden also notices that the aliens seem to appear shortly after Kit has sex. Arden believes that the aliens are spying on Kit, and that bringing him to the brink of death would draw them out. Kit goes along with Arden's plan for the chance to be reunited with Alma. Arden injects potassium chloride into Kit's heart muscle, causing him to convulse and then he stops. Arden's predictions prove right as the aliens appear shortly after Kit stops moving. 

Arden successfully revives Kit, but lies to him about the alien invasion.  Much to his and Lana's horror, Thredson visits them in the common room. Thredson tells them that he has a permanent position at Briarcliff, and will be continuing his evaluation of Kit. Thredson also informs Kit of Lana's pregnancy and her failed abortion attempt. Carl escorts Kit (with a straitjacket on) to Thredson's office, where Kit sees Grace, Pepper, and a newborn baby that she claims he is the father of. Kit believes it can't be possible, but Grace reassures him that he is the father of the baby.

Thredson and Carl take Kit in the common room to visit Grace and Thomas. The Monsignor and a couple of nuns soon come in, however, and take their baby away to an orphanage because they see Grace and Kit as being too unfit to raise a child. Kit argues against it, but is restrained. Thredson says that he is going to help them out. Kit talks to Grace, who is able to remember fragments of what happened when she was shot by Frank. Grace says that the aliens never made a mistake except for once with the accidental death of Alma. Grace tells Kit that he is the link between human and otherworldly life and that their baby is special and will change the way people think. He responds by asking Grace to marry him. Kit helps Lana escape by distracting Thredson, who is discussing framing Arden as the newest Bloody Face suspect. After Lana releases evidence to the police that Thredson was Bloody Face, Kit is freed but wants to talk to the Monsignor before leaving. Kit leverages his knowledge of Briarcliff's secrets for Thomas's release and mentions that a death certificate is in the file for Grace Bertrand, creating a loophole for her release - all the Monsignor will have to do is release her "body" to him. Together, the family of three take a taxi home to Kit's old house. The abandoned house is still damaged from the initial abduction. Despite the happy atmosphere, a disturbing discovery awaits: Alma is sitting on the bed inside their old bedroom. She is holding a second baby.

By 1967, Kit is living with Grace and Alma in a polyamorous relationship while raising Thomas, and his and Alma's daughter Julia. Grace has become obsessed with the aliens and wants their children to know all about them. Alma, though, is scared about being taken again. One night, they see bright flashing lights outside their house and believe that they are being abducted again. However, it turns out that Kit's ex-friend Mickey just tried to set the house on fire. Afterward, Grace tells Kit that she's no longer afraid of the future but, before she can say anything else, Alma buries a hatchet in her back. Alma gets sent to Briarcliff for Grace's murder and she later dies there due mysterious causes. 

In Lana's 2012 interview, she recalls her reunion with Kit. Lana visits him in 1971, attempting to interview him about "Betty Drake" (Jude's alias). Kit refuses to talk to Lana about Jude with the cameras around. Kit visited Jude regularly at Briarcliff after Alma's death, and would become her caretaker for six months in 1971. Kit helped Jude through her detox of the asylum medication, and she seemed to get better over time. However, Jude relapsed, and believes herself to be Sister Jude again and that Kit is Bloody Face, and chases after Julia and Thomas with a broom. The two children take her off into the woods, where upon her return, she comes back inexplicably healed. Jude bonds with Kit and the children, teaching them how to swing dance and giving the children life lessons. Six months later, Jude succumbs to the kiss of Shachath. Kit ended up marrying another woman named Allison, and Lana became the godmother of Kit's kids. Julia and Thomas went on to have successful careers later in life. Kit was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 40. One night, the Extraterrestrials re-abducted him, possibly to re-experiment on him but his fate was left unknown, with him vanishing off the face of the Earth.


  • To Lana: "I'd have done the same thing if I believed what you believe, but I'm innocent."
  • To Sister Jude: "There is no God. Not a God who would create the things I saw."
  • To Lana: "I needed someone to forgive."
  • To Arthur Arden
    I thought Sister Jude ran this place.
    Arthur Arden
    So does she.


  • Kit Walker is the second character to be portrayed by Evan Peters. For a complete list of his characters, see Cast.
  • Kit Walker was the alter ego of a comic strip, movie serial and SyFy mini-series ghost/superhero The Phantom. Perhaps a nod to actor Evan Peters' season one role.
  • Kit's story of his and Alma's abduction by the Extraterrestrials' may have been loosely based on the case of Barney and Betty Hill, a New Hampshire couple that claimed to be abducted by aliens on September 19-20, 1961.[4]
  • Ranking Evan Peters' characters by evilness, Kit was described by FX as “a cinnamon roll” and listed #15, with only Jesus coming #16![5]
  • Kit Walker, Lana Winters and Sister Jude are the only three characters to appear in all episodes of Asylum.