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Lachlan Drake is the son of fashion mogul Will Drake. He is a character in Hotel portrayed by Lyric Lennon Parker-Angel.[1]


Lachlan Drake is the son of the fashion designer Will Drake. Having in mind that he is gay, he possibly had a one-time affair with a woman that got pregnant and gave him the child.

Personality and Appearance[]

Lachlan has long brown hair and often mixes several styles to creates his own. He is a clever and playful young man.


Lachlan arrives at the hotel with his father Will Drake. They're welcomed by Marcy who shows them around. During the tour, Marcy shows them Donovan's room who sleeps naked on couch. When he stands up, Will covers his son's eyes. They later go to Elizabeth's suite and Lachlan is interested in her vinyl records and asks if he can see them. She then recommends to show him "something, he'll enjoy" and takes him to the Game Room, where she keeps her children.

He develops a friendship with John Lowe's daughter, Scarlett, after his father, Will, invites them both to his fashion show at the Cortez. He shows her an empty indoor pool with four small glass coffins where four towheaded children sleep. Scarlett finds her long-gone brother in one of them.

While going around the hotel and thinking about future renovations with his father and the Vogue editor, Claudia, they found Tristan talking to Mr March's ghost in one of the rooms who disappeared when they showed up.

Lachlan told his father he is okay with him being with The Countess and that he made some friends so he feels comfortable to stay at the Cortez.

Lachlan is sent to Thatcher Boarding School when his father goes missing.