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Larry Bitterman is the director of the horror film "Rabbit Rabbit". He is a character in American Horror Stories portrayed by John Carroll Lynch.


Furious that Tipper Gore thwarted him, he had been sentenced to 15 years in prison for his attack on her. He spent that time further researching and refining his personal workprint.

Personality and Appearance[]


Chad watches a video clip of Tipper Gore's 1986 Congressional hearing testimony regarding "Rabbit Rabbit". In it the director, Larry Bitterman, says that he was promoting the film with shocking media. Gore counters that the studio informed her it would be destroying all copies of the film print, prompting Bitterman to attack her.

Inside the trailer, Larry Bitterman argues with the television showing news coverage of the incident at the drive-in. When the pair confronts him, he claims not to know what they're talking about. He swears that the 4chan post about the second screening is misinformed, and that there is no additional print copy. He wonders why the two were unaffected by what was on the screen, and assumes they were distracted by having sex. He is ecstatic that the 100% response to the film's subliminal imagery had such a profound impact on the brain's fear center. He laments that The Exorcist only had two subliminal frames of a demon's face, and it had people vomiting and going into labor. He claims to have worked on that film and to have perfected the techniques with his own. He discovered his editor, Lanie, cutting off her own fingers during post-production. He knew audiences were ready for more, and held a special screening in one regional theater.

He insists that the couple have been witnesses to history. Chad knows that the print projected the night before was not a workprint because there were no tape splices. Bitterman begs for his life's work as Chad burns the film reel on the stove. As the pair exit the burning trailer, he yells after that this is only the end of the first act and that their "horror film" isn't over yet.