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Lavinia Richter is a distraught mother who haunts the campsite of Camp Redwood, inciting death and violence as "The Lady in White". She is a character in 1984 portrayed by Lily Rabe.


In 1948, Lavinia was a widowed mother who lost her husband in World War II. She served at "Camp Golden Star" as a cook to maintain a fun summer for her two sons, Bobby and Benjamin Richter. She tasked Benjamin with watching Bobby while they went swimming, but Bobby was left on his own after Benjamin chose to watch the lifeguard being intimate with a counselor in the woods instead. While swimming in the lake, Bobby was accidentally killed after swimming into a boat propeller. Lavinia claimed her own vengeance by slaughtering the male counselors in their cabin and attempted to kill Benjamin after he caught her red-handed. Benjamin stabbed her in an act of self defence, spilling her blood full of rage and sorrow onto the campground land. The camp was closed but would reopen ten years later as Camp Redwood.[2]

20 years later, Lavinia sensed a likelihood of her favored son's presence at the recently reopened Camp Redwood, but is upset to discover Benjamin instead along with Margaret Booth, whom she sensed was Benjamin's "everything in the world." She could also tell the girl "was already wrong in the head". Lavinia whispered to a sleeping Margaret tasking her to slaughter the female counselors and frame Benjamin in an act of retaliation for Bobby's death.[2]

Personality and Appearance[]

Lavinia is pale and blonde, appearing as she did the night she died with her hair partially pulled back in a 1940s style and wearing the same elegant white nightgown. She refuses to let go of her grief and rage over the death of her son, Bobby.


After adapting to their ghostly lifestyles, the 1984 counselors have been experiencing attacks and hauntings from who they refer to as "The Lady In White". Xavier guided Benjamin by request to meet Lavinia's ghost in her abandoned cabin, and she rebukes his presence and pities his son. Lavinia mentions the day of Bobby's tragic incident and revealed her involvement in the infamous 1970 massacre, admitting she ordered a sleeping Margaret to slaughter the cabin and frame Benjamin. Following the intense conversation, she without hesitation vanishes, leaving behind a devastated son.

The night before the concert she interrupts Benjamin's mourning session at the docks and demands he leave, claiming the sorrow and burden is hers to own. Benjamin counters that he misses Bobby as well and has a right to mourn him there. They discuss his coming fight with the Night Stalker and Benjamin confesses to Lavinia that he's doing it all to protect his son, who he named after his brother Bobby. Lavinia reminds him that he made a deal with the Devil and that the Night Stalker was there to collect. Lavinia tells him that Ramirez has Satan on his side and will make sure Benjamin doesn't come back if he dies. She suggests to Benjamin if he were to die by his own hand, then he can come back forever, and disappears.[2]

Benjamin reunites with Bobby and Lavinia after Bobby pulls Benjamin into the lake. Lavinia is no longer hostile towards Benjamin, being grateful for helping to find Bobby again. Though he wants to leave to protect his son, the two convince Benjamin to stay with them for his safety and as a family. [3]

In 2019, Lavinia reappears and saves her grandson, Bobby II, from Margaret, remarking how handsome he is and how he looks just like his uncle would have looked as an adult. Bobby II departs Camp Redwood at the insistence of the ghosts, sharing a tearful goodbye with Lavinia, Benjamin and Bobby beforehand. [4]


  • Lavinia to Benjamin: "Maybe if you didn't have your head in a comic book all day, you'd have more friends."
  •  Lavinia to Benjamin: "What did you do!? What the hell Benjamin, what the hell happened Benjamin!?"
  • Lavania to Benjamin: "DON'T SAY HIS NAME!"
  •  Lavania to Benjamin: "The girl was already messed up in the head, I just gave her a little push."
  •  Lavania to Benjamin: "The wrong son died that day, it should've been you!"


  • Lavinia is the seventh character played by Lily Rabe. For a complete list of all her characters, see Cast.
  • Lavinia Richter, also known as the Lady in White, was referenced in Murder House. In "Piggy Piggy", Derrick mentions that he is afraid of the Lady in White when asked by Ben Harmon about his fears.
  • The Lady in White is inspired by La Llorona, a ghost featured in Hispanic folklore.
  • Lavinia revealing to Benjamin that she manipulated Margaret into committing the 1970 massacre is reminiscent of the "big reveal" in Scream 3, where Roman Bridger reveals to Sidney Prescott that he manipulated Billy Loomis into killing their mother.



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