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Leo Morrison is a photographer and the newlywed husband of Teresa. He is a character in Asylum portrayed by Adam Levine.


As horror fans, Leo and his new bride took a self-curated haunted honeymoon tour. They were "consummating their marriage" in multiple landmarks of murder. One of their visits was to the now abandoned Briarcliff Manor. It was their last stop whether they intended it or not.

Personality and Appearance[]

Leo was playful with a raunchy sense of humor. He was ready and equipped to meet the challenges of his wife's perverse desires. He was a handsome, indie-rock sort of guy with close-cropped dark hair and colorful tattoos.


In 2012, Leo and his wife Teresa trespassed upon the grounds of the abandoned Briarcliff Manor in continuation of their honeymoon tour of legendary sites of death and violence. Leo documented the various locations in the manor by photograph, often while he and his wife engaged in sexual acts. When the pair heard an odd noise coming from a slotted cell door, Leo put his iPhone through the bean chute to investigate what was on the other side. His arm was severed by an unseen assailant. Teresa wrapped a tourniquet around his bloody stump and went to find help, leaving Leo lying on the floor.[1]

Having run into Bloody Face, Teresa returned to Leo and tried to pull him into the now abandoned cell. However, she was too late and was forced to hide and look on as Bloody Face repeatedly stabbed her new husband.[2]

Not yet dead, Leo attempted to intervene as Bloody Face broke open the cell door where Teresa had taken refuge and threw her against the wall, attempting to kill her. Leo stabbed Bloody Face in the chest, and Teresa finished the job, killing him. The couple made their attempt at escape, only to find two other "Bloody Faces" coming from a distance. One raised a gun and shot them both.[3]

Leo's corpse was found on the floor of Briarcliff Manor by police responding to a call from a man claiming to be Bloody Face.[4]


  • Leo uses a high-end Hermes edition Leica M-7 camera, which suggests a certain affluence.
  • Leo Morrison was Adam Levine's first recurring role in a television series.


  • To Teresa: "Leo"Oh my God, you're so demented! I love you!
  • To Teresa (about their future kids): "We tell 'em the truth. We visited the twelve most haunted places in America and screwed our brains out in every single one."