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"Little Gold Man" is the eighth episode of "American Horror Story: Delicate". It premiered April 17, 2024 on FX.

The world around Anna is starting to crescendo in every way: her career path continues to skyrocket, while her personal life is more stressful than ever - just in time for Hollywood's big night.— FX Networks, official synopsis[1]



At a restaurant in New York City in 1967, Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow find themselves engaged in a serious conversation. Frank, torn between his love for Mia and his desire for her to prioritize their relationship over her career, presents her with an ultimatum. He firmly states that if she chooses to return to work on her movie, their relationship will come to an end. Meanwhile, Mia is in the midst of filming "Rosemary's Baby" and faces a challenging request from the director. He asks her to walk into oncoming traffic for a particular shot, assuring her that no harm will come to her as she is pregnant in the movie. Reluctantly, she complies. However, upon returning to her dressing room, Mia experiences a distressing moment. She begins to bleed, and even her fake pregnant belly starts to move. An unseen assistant named Siobhan offers her help and advises her to remove the belly. As Mia follows the assistant's suggestion, the bleeding stops. Reflecting on this incident, the assistant is revealed to be Siobhan, whom attributes it to her own intuition as a woman.


In the present day, Dex is delivering a speech at his mother's funeral. While he is giving his eulogy, Ms. Preecher interrupts to reveal that Dex's mother did not commit suicide. Preecher explains that she had attempted to warn Dex multiple times and pleads with him to listen to Anna. As Anna exits the scene, Dex's father makes derogatory remarks about her appearance. Later, Anna discovers that Preecher has been taken to the emergency room to be sedated. Anna locates Preecher there, and she cautions her that "they" will take everything away from her, urging her to leave immediately. Anna decides to stay and keep Preecher company, eventually drifting off to sleep. Upon awakening, Anna realizes that Preecher has vanished, as he has been taken by "some friends". To Anna's surprise, she learns that she has been nominated for an Oscar through an ER rook TV.

Anna and Siobhan are busy working on outfits for upcoming events when they are interrupted by the sound of a phone buzzing. Surprisingly, it isn't either of their phones. Upon investigating, they discover a flip phone in a drawer that belongs to Dex, receiving a call from an unknown number. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Anna visits the gifting site only to come face to face with another mysterious dark hooded figure. As the figure removes their jacket, Anna is shocked to realize it os someone from Dr. Hill's office, sparking a connection to the enigmatic figure from her apartment at the start of the series. Cora, the woman, then proceeds to divulge everything to Anna, including her affair with Dex and the surveillance cameras he had installed in the apartment to spy on her. Cora confesses to being the one behind all the disruptions in Anna's life, manipulating appointments and intentionally trying to sabotage her.

Cora expresses her intention to caution Anna about a concerning situation involving her baby. According to Cora, Dr. Hill collaborates with women who engage in dreadful acts towards his patients, although she is unaware of the specifics. Cora simply knows that he achieved the pinnacle of his profession through making sacrifices. Later, Anna confronts Dex, who is using a flip phone, and instructs him to leave. Upon waking up in bed alone, Anna discovers an unusual occurrence with her legs, as they have transformed into a peculiar and scaly state. In the bathroom, she attempts to investigate further and realizes that the issue lies deep within her body. However, when she emerges, it merely appears as if she has accidentally cut herself while shaving.

Anna spots a hallucination of Babette on the red carpet during the Oscars. Despite a brief moment of uncertainty, she reassures Siobhan that her body would alert her if something was wrong. The show continues as Anna suspects she might be experiencing contractions, but Siobhan advises her to wait until after her category. Anna expresses her willingness to sacrifice anything for an Oscar, to which Siobhan congratulates her. Moments later, Anna is announced as the winner. As she prepares to deliver her acceptance speech, the audience vanishes, leaving only her mother applauding and cheering for her. Suddenly, Anna's water breaks, bringing her back to reality as she is escorted off the stage.





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