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Loraine Baxter is the wife of William Baxter. She is a character in You're Going To Die In There.


Loraine was a homemaker and married to William Baxter. According to hospital records, she had bruises and marks on her arms which may have been a result of domestic violence. She was very much in love with her husband and was good friends with Celia Jacobs. When she found out about her husband's betrayal, she killed him and pickled his body parts in jars. It is unknown if she then committed suicide by sticking her head in the stove or was murdered.

Personality and Appearance[]

She has brown hair, and in the photograph given on the website, appears to be close friends with Celia.

Objects / Evidence[]


  • Loraine's having her head in the oven when she died is very similar to the death of poet Sylvia Plath. Plath committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. Whether this was inspiration for the scene or simply coincidence is unknown.


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