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Lot Polk is a member of the wretched Polk family. He is a character in American Horror Story primarily portrayed by Frederick Koehler. In his "My Roanoke Nightmare" appearances he is portrayed by Brian Wells an in-universe actor, portrayed by Chaz Bono.


Lot is the child of Mama Polk and Ishmael Polk. He and his kin live a cannibalistic lifestyle along with being the last descendants of an inbred family.

Personality and Appearance[]

He views those who aren't those of his kind as "not people" and only finds comfort in his own family. He has dirty and scabbed skin with rugged clothes.


Lot tried to purchase the Roanoke House along with his family. Eventually, their offer is not enough and Matt and Shelby take residence in the house.[1]

It's revealed that Lot and his family are cannibals after Matt and Shelby see the body of Elias with one leg missing, asking for death. Matt and Shelby run away, only to be caught again by the family and have Shelby's foot almost severed by an ax. Lot and his family bring the two to the Roanoke House at night during the blood moon and leave them there for The Butcher.[2]

The Polk's were mentioned to have left the area. This, however, is not true as in Chapter 7 they kidnap Lee, Monet, and Audrey. After he and his family kidnap the trio, Monet and Audrey are separated from Lee. Lot is in the room with Monet and Audrey. In this room, he and his family members force Monet and Audrey to eat parts of Lee's cooked leg. He, Mama, and Jether leave the room to get more meat from Lee while Ishmael stays with Monet and Audrey. Ishmael gets overpowered by Monet and she escapes, leaving Audrey behind.[3]

During The Lana Winters Special between Lana Winters and Roanoke survivor Lee Harris, Lot, with the intent of revenge for the deaths of his family, uses an M4 to shoot up the building. The weapon is erroneously referred to as an "assault weapon." As Lana and Lee turn to look for the source of the noise, Lot Polk breaks into the interview room and threatens Lana and Lee. Lana attempts to talk Lot off of the ledge but he knocks her out with the butt of his rifle. Just as he is about to shoot Lee, he is shot himself by a police officer who arrived on scene.[4]


  • To Lee Harris: "Courts won't do shit. Polk family ain't never got justice in all our history. She took my babies. Killed my kin. Well, if the law won't deal with her I sure will."
  • To Lana Winters: "I could give a shit about your TV. What I'm about to do is justice."


  • The reenacted Lot is the first character portrayed by Chaz Bono. For a complete list of his characters, see Cast.
  • Lot, like his father and brothers, is named after a biblical figure. His name being a reference to a patriarch in the Book of Genesis.
  • In "Chapter 8", it is heavily implied that Lot and the rest of his siblings engage in an incestuous relationship with their mother. It is also hinted at when Mama Polk refers to her grandchildren as her "babies".
  • The Polks seem to be based on the Peacock family from the episode "Home" of American Sci-fi TV series The X-Files. Like the Peacocks, the Polks are murdering, deformed, inbred "hillbilly" characters dominated by a sexually abusive mother.


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