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Luke Ramsey is the son of Joan Ramsey and the love interest of Nan. He is a character in Coven portrayed by Alexander Dreymon.


Young, handsome and new to the neighborhood, Luke Ramsey quickly attracts the attention of the girls at Miss Robichaux's Academy. Sheltered his whole life, Luke finds himself torn between loyalty to his religious mother and the undiscovered mysteries that lie just beyond his own front door.[1]

Personality and Appearance[]

Luke was a well-mannered and polite boy, who tended to be shy and mild-mannered. Raised by a Christian fundamentalist mother, he did not know much about the world around him, especially that of popular culture, which his abusive mother forbade from consuming. He enjoyed Nan's company, but seemed uninterested in Madison's sexual advances.

He had brown hair, worn in a side part, a muscular chest, and blue eyes.

Story []

Luke Ramsey moves in next door with his mother Joan. From one of the balconies of the Miss Robichaux's Academy, Queenie, Nan and Madison watch as their belongings are taken into the house. Later, Nan is accompanied by Madison to the Ramsey house, bringing a cake to welcome them into the neighborhood. Luke welcomes them, and decides to eat the cake with the girls. He ignores Madison's provocative attitude, and seems more interested in Nan.[2]

On Halloween evening, Luke visits the academy, bearing cookies to repay the cake Nan brought him. Nan is delighted to see him, but zombies soon attack the house. He, the witches, and Delphine are trapped inside.[3]

The girls are terrified, but Luke thinks it is all a prank. He finds his way out the door. In Cornrow City, Marie Laveau is levitating on the veve, the ritual symbol drawn on the floor. While Luke walks among the dormant zombies, Marie commands them to begin. They tear apart an innocent bystander. Luke tries to flee for safety but is struck down. Nan slips out the door and aids Luke to take refuge inside Cordelia's car. Zoe charges to the aid of an exposed Nan and Luke with a chainsaw and quickly dispatches many of the intruders. Luke and Nan manage to escape to safety. The day after, Luke is asleep in Nan's bed.[4]

Luke's mother scolds him for going over to the Academy, saying the girls are using dark magic. He insists that they saved him, but she wants him to repent of what she perceives as sin. She says he's unclean from the inside out. She mixes up an Ajax enema and forces him to strip.

After Nan telepathically hears Luke's distressed cries, Nan runs to his house. She finds Luke bound and gagged in a closet.

At the Ramsey's, Nan and Luke head for the door. She kisses him on the cheek. Then they run into his mother, calling 911 to report an armed intruder. Luke tells her they are leaving and she cannot stop them. Mrs. Ramsey threatens them but is interrupted when a rifle sight appears on her and she is hit twice. More bullets come through the windows. Luke dives in front of them to protect Nan and is hit. Nan tells him to not leave her, that she is his Supreme. When the paramedics take him to the hospital, she follows him.[5]

At the hospital, Nan tells Zoe and Madison that Joan refuses to let her see Luke. After entering the room anyways, the comatose Luke manages to talk to Nan and she is able to verify to Joan that she is able to read Luke's mind. Things take a dark turn, however, when Luke begins to communicate his knowledge of Joan murdering his father by putting bees in his car and triggering a fatal allergic reaction after catching him receiving fellatio from a mistress. Joan yells for Nan to leave. Luke soon wakes up from his coma and confronts his mom, who smothers him to death with a pillow.[6]


  • He is the second known character to be smothered to death with a pillow. The first was Beauregard Langdon.