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Malcolm Gallant is a flamboyant hairstylist held captive at Outpost 3. He is a character in Apocalypse portrayed by Evan Peters.


Mr. Gallant is a well-known hairstylist who used to live in Santa Monica. Throughout his life, his grandmother Evie Gallant has tried to make him the perfect gay.[1]

Prior to the events of Apocalypse, Evie had a dinner party where she tried to set him up with suitors she thought were appropriate for him, which he deliberately ruined to make his grandmother stop trying to tame him.[1]

Personality and Appearance[]

Gallant is a handsome man in his thirties with dyed white-blonde hair and sharp, brown eyes. As a talented hairdresser and a fashion conscious individual, Gallant dresses affluently, seemingly favoring silk neck-scarves.[2]


Mr. Gallant is making a unique haircut for Instagram Influencer Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt's hair when he sees an incoming nuclear missile alert on his phone. With the knowledge that there are four seats on Coco's private jet he goes and gets his grandmother Evie Gallant and brings her on the plane with Coco and Mallory. Onboard the plane, Mallory goes to the cockpit to ask the pilots where they are going but finds that the plane is unmanned. Suddenly, the missile hits Los Angeles and the plane begins to rock violently, but it restores itself quickly. Mr. (Malcolm) Gallant, Coco, and Mallory look out of the window to see a mushroom cloud rising where Los Angeles has been destroyed.[2]

A few weeks later Mr. (Malcolm) Gallant is in the Outpost and is struggling to adapt to life at Outpost 3. When Emily and Timothy Campbell arrive, Gallant is curious to know what's happening outside and finds out that everything is either gone or dead. After eating his cube for dinner, the whole Outpost is notified that a spike has been detected in the background radiation in the dining room. After every purple is checked him and Stu have been detected with some radiation. Both of them are taken in a decontamination room by Ms. Mead to be subjected to a brutal and painful "decontamination" which involved roughly scrubbing their bare naked bodies with Tampico warehouse brooms. Mr. (Malcolm) Gallant passes but unfortunately Stu gets shot in the head by Mead.[2]

The next dinner, Gallant and the rest of the outpost are starving and finally gets a hot nice bowl of soap. When Gallant notices that the stew is Stu's meat, he regurgitates the food back up. Later, Gallant realizes that the song on the radio, which has been the same for weeks, has changed. The refugees take it as a sign that they are going to be rescued by The Cooperative. 18 months later, the same song is playing and the refugees are desperately bored. Later, Gallant is seen throwing his plate and food at the nearest wall upset that they are shortening the food. He is saved by an alarm before The Fist could get to him.[2]

Gallant is about to dig into dinner but it ends up that the dinner comes back to life which he balks at. Michael then explains to the residents about The Sanctuary which Gallant volunteers to go first. Michael holds a meeting with him and Gallant explains why he hates Evie and his sexual orientation. Rubber Man finds his way to Gallant's room where the two have sex but are caught by Evie who rats on them. Venable and Miriam visit Gallant who is in chains for not following the rules. When they leave Michael appears and lets him out. Gallant goes to confront Evie but she says she will not die. Gallant and Rubber Man have sex again but Gallant kills him and Michael appears in the doorway showing that Gallant killed Evie.[1]

A couple of days later, Michael tells Gallant to say that Evie died in her sleep, saying that one minor fraction should not screw up everything. Venable tells everyone about the Halloween party and Gallant and Coco become very excited. Gallant fixes Coco's hair for the party and Mallory says that she has powers which Gallant and Coco do not believe. At the party, Gallant shows everyone Coco's hair and asks them to clap. When the party starts, he starts dancing with Coco. Later on, they bob for apples and Gallant gets his on his first try. When they dig in, Gallant realizes something is wrong and he starts to puke, realizing the fruit is poisoned.[3]

After the protection spell is cast upon Mallory and Coco, it is seen that the first time Gallant and Coco met, at his salon for her first haircut there. After Mallory killed Michael Langdon through time travel and reversed the apocalypse, Gallant's death was reversed as well.[4]


  • To Dinah Stevens: "Finish that bumper sticker shit you used to say on your show, and I'm strong enough to shove this fork in your neck!"
  • To Michael Langdon: "Uh, uh, Nana, she used to throw these bullshit suburban lunches. God, it was like the homo-version of The Bachelor. Walter, who was a lawyer who represented Scarlett Johansson and had an affinity for pleated khakis. Morris, who owned, like, 14 dogs. And Mario Vestri, who was a manager at Pottery Barn. Anyway, they were all dipshits. They hated her, but they pretended to like her crappy food and listen to her dumb stories because they thought that if they hooked me, they would get her money when she died. She never told them that she donated everything to some cat charity in her will."


  • He is gay and has a fondness for leather. This makes him the third LGBTQ character portrayed by Evan Peters in American Horror Story.
  • He is the fifteenth character portrayed by Evan Peters. For a complete list of his characters, see Cast.
  • He was one of the first characters to be confirmed, although his name was kept a secret until premiere week.[5]
  • Ranking Evan Peters' characters by evilness, Gallant was listed #11 by FX.[6]
  • His first name is confirmed to be Malcolm, although it is never mentioned in the show.