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Mamie Eisenhower (full name: Mary Geneva Doud-Eisenhower) is the wife of President Dwight Eisenhower and former first lady of the United States, as well as an ally of the extraterrestrials. She is a character in Double Feature portrayed by Sarah Paulson. Her status amongst the alien race granted her access to immortality.


Mamie was the First Lady of the United States from 20 January 1953 – 20 January 1961. Wanting to live forever, she signed away to the enslavement of humanity and made a deal with the extraterrestrials which came with the betrayal to her husband, Dwight Eisenhower.

Personality and Appearance[]

Mamie was a Caucasian woman with brown eyes, brown, fringed/gelled hair & is always seen with pink lipstick and expensive jewellery. Mamie is a good manipulator, and worked in cahoots with the extraterrestrials to live forever. She is also somewhat sadistically ignorant, as she manipulated her husband, President Dwight Eisenhower, into thinking that the mass human experimentation & torture was for the good of his country. She is a lover of pink and holidays, popularising Halloween & birthdays for adults, and seems to have a big ego, especially when it comes to other first ladies. She only decides to retaliate against the aliens when she got unhappy with her immortality arrangements, showing her selfishness, and she is fond of adultery, as shown with Valiant Thor.


In 1954, while Dwight is enjoying a game of golf in Palm Springs when he is approached by his advisor, who brings troubling news of an airspace violation near Edwards Air Force Base. In an attempt to conceal his visit to the base, he claims it is due to a dental emergency. However, Mamie, sees right through his fabricated explanation. The Army is called upon to escort him to the crash site, where they discover an extraterrestrial saucer emitting radiation. To their astonishment, they also find a body, which Eisenhower believes to be that of a child. Not too far away, a woman with intricate geometric scars on her back is found crouching naked near a scrub tree. Without hesitation, the President rushes to her aid, using his suitcoat to cover her. It is during this encounter that she reveals her name to be Amelia Earhart, which Dwight acknowledges later on that Mamie is a huge fan of Earhart, and keeps an image of her in their house.[1]

In the year mentioned, Mamie discreetly presents Vice President Nixon with confidential documents taken from Eisenhower's desk, compelling him to persuade her husband to accept the conditions. Subsequently, Eisenhower becomes aware that the handkerchief Nixon is utilizing belongs to Mamie's personalized collection. Upon confronting Mamie, she discloses that Subject 1 currently resides within his wife's physical form. The extraterrestrial entity poses a threat to him, evoking memories of Maria's destiny, which was in reality just a rouse as Mamie was secretly conspiring with the extraterrestrials.[2]

Eisenhower, currently residing at the White House, is facing challenges regarding a treaty that involves exchanging the torment of American citizens for technological advancements. Subject 1, who has taken control of Mamie, persistently poses a threat to the welfare of the First Lady.[3]

After Mamie and Subject 1 succeeds in manipulating Dwight, she gets de-possessed and becomes increasingly more interested in immortality.[3]

Mamie remains resolute in her efforts to carry on her legacy of promoting adult birthday parties by initiating a new tradition of Halloween decorations. Dwight is startled by screams echoing through the White House ventilation system, leading him to discover a hidden door in the basement service tunnels. Upon touching a panel on the door, it recognizes his handprint and opens an elevator that descends 20 stories underground. Valiant Thor informs the President that his visit was premature, as the experiments in the tunnels were not yet ready for his inspection. The android reveals that the tunnels were constructed years ago in anticipation of a potential nuclear conflict, unbeknownst to Eisenhower. Inside the laboratory, hybrid specimens with varying human and alien characteristics are suspended in fluid-filled glass containers. Valiant Thor explains that the extraterrestrials fear revealing their true forms to humanity, as it may jeopardize the existing treaty. He hints that the aliens are prepared to use force to achieve their objectives rather than negotiate with the Russians. Despite her husband's reservations, Mamie remains steadfast in her decision. She proposes relocating the aliens to the Nevada facility mentioned by "Val" to alleviate the overcrowding beneath the White House. Subsequently, Eisenhower covertly transfers ownership of the facility to the extraterrestrials through an executive order.[3]

Upon hearing an unfamiliar moaning noise in the residence, Eisenhower discovers Mamie having passionate sex with Valiant. The shocking sight causes him to faint, grasping his chest in disbelief. Upon regaining consciousness, Mamie shows no remorse, referring to Thor as both a machine and a visiting dignitary. She justifies her actions as revenge for an affair Eisenhower had during the war. Feeling disheartened, the President walks away pondering if he truly understands his wife anymore.[3]

In 1963, Nixon approached the retired Eisenhower to discuss the necessity of informing President John F. Kennedy about the alien treaty. Nixon expressed his concern that JFK may not honor the agreement, particularly due to Robert Kennedy's investigation into the budget, which could potentially expose it. The three individuals convened in the Oval Office, where Kennedy was briefed on the matter. However, Kennedy displayed skepticism and anger upon receiving the information. He was infuriated by the fact that advanced technology was being exchanged at the expense of American lives. Kennedy confided in Marilyn Monroe, his mistress, who was not surprised by the revelation, as she believed she had been abducted as a child herself. Monroe advised him to make the information public. Consequently, Kennedy formed a study group to assist him in determining the best approach to communicate the treaty to the public, which Nixon later disclosed to Eisenhower. Shortly thereafter, Kennedy was tragically assassinated. Eisenhower was deeply unsettled by the assassination, but Mamie reminded him that the treaty had been deemed valuable and that he should not feel ashamed of the associated costs.[2]

In 1969, Dwight finds himself confined to a hospital bed. Mamie scolds him for broaching a distressing topic against the doctors' advice when he mentions the war and Nixon's election. Mamie becomes disheartened during their conversation as Dwight reveals the existence of extraterrestrial reptilian adversaries. However, her focus lies more on her legacy of celebrating American traditions such as birthdays, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. She is currently working on a new project called Evacuation Day, although Eisenhower doubts its widespread popularity. Unexpectedly, Valiant Thor pays them a visit. He respectfully proposes to safeguard Eisenhower's life at Area 51, but the former President is determined to embrace death. Aware of Thor's ongoing relationship with Mamie, he remarks that they are well-suited for each other. Shortly after, Dwight passes away, and Mamie proclaims her willingness to accept Thor's offer of immortality.[4]

In 1972, in the meantime, at an empty parking garage, Mamie confronts Bob Woodward to disclose Nixon's scheme using the alias "Deep Throat". Mamie's true intention, though, is to strategically leak false information to the press in order to fabricate a conspiracy against Nixon and divert focus away from Thor. The aliens' goal is to tarnish Nixon's reputation instead of causing harm to him.[4]

Running away is easy

In 1979, Mamie staged her own death, citing natural causes, before finding her way to Area 51. Thor describes his home planet as similar to the desolate Death Valley and invites her to settle in. During a visit to the dining area, Mamie strikes up a fast friendship with Dr. Calico, a researcher at Area 51.

In 2021, Mamie commemorates her birthday in the company of Calico, her sole genuine companion, while indulging in a cupcake. Mamie's enthusiasm has waned since she has become immortal. They become aware of the cafeteria's lively atmosphere, as it buzzes with the thrilling news of the initial triumphant creation of a complete extraterrestrial hybrid. Thor informs Mamie that the gestational chamber will be replicated, enabling the facility to swiftly produce a multitude of hybrids, ultimately aiming to conquer and supplant humanity. Mamie had been oblivious to this particular aspect of the scheme, and she learns that she will be among the few humans spared from genocide. Additionally, Thor reveals that the extraterrestrials had long ago established a treaty with the Reptilian race, and in the absence of humans, they will coexist and share the Earth.[4]

Mamie encounters a blockade of guards preventing her from accessing Theta's laboratory. However, the doctor takes the initiative to introduce herself and extends an invitation to the former First Lady to witness the presence of the newborn. The sight of the newborn's captivating enlarged eyes catches Mamie off guard. Meanwhile, in the laboratory, Kendall's body with a mechanical head is positioned nearby. Despite the initial surprise, Mamie swiftly regains her composure and expresses her disapproval of Theta's practice of dehumanizing women by reducing them to mere machines. In response, Theta reminds Mamie that humans have willingly relinquished a significant portion of their control to machines on a global scale. It dawns on Mamie that Theta remains unaware of her superiors' sinister plan to eradicate humanity.[4]

Calico, too, finds it hard to believe the plan. Mamie proposes to her friend that they retaliate. They devise a scheme to approach the newborn and the Kendall-machine in order to annihilate them and hinder the extraterrestrial scheme. Theta presents the two women with the latest developments: the gestation cycle has been expedited to produce a newborn every day, soon to be further optimized to mere hours between births. Mamie takes it upon herself to eliminate the newborn but is swiftly immobilized by Theta. The doctor was never truly aligned with the women's conspiracy and feels ashamed of her human heritage. She takes the scalpel from Mamie and declares that humanity has had its opportunity. Calico's reward is to become the spiritual mother for the forthcoming generation, while Theta detonates Mamie's head. Together, they deliver yet another flawless specimen, commencing their evil plan to be erradeous, even into the far future.[4]


  • To Calico: "Would you take the chance to kill Hitler if he were just a baby? Stalin?"
  • To Theta : "Humans are not just machines to be used against our will!"
  • To Calico with please: "Because. I am Mamie goddamn Eisenhower!"
  • To unnamed Watergate reporter: "To you, I am only to be known as Deep Throat."
  • To Dwight, manipulating his beliefs: " An immoral act becomes moral when it's done in the service of all humanity."
  • To Calico upon meeting her: "Tell me, do you like fudge?"
  • To Valiant Thor: "You certainly know how to spoil a moment."
  • To Dwight, talking about Richard Nixon: "Oh, Dick isn't so bad."
  • To Dwight after making her deal with the extraterrestrials: "Allow us to enlighten you... We've spoken before.. From another body."
  • To Dwight: "You're not the only one who's leaving behind a legacy."
  • To Richard Nixon, convincing him of her authenticity relating to government secrets: "I know more state secrets than J. Edgar Hoover."
  • To Dwight after he had caught her having sex with Valiant Thor: "So you can say I gave my body for the national cause. And by the way... He loved my fudge."
  • To Valiant Thor about his harsh outlook on life: "You certainly know how to spoil a moment."


  • Mamie is the thirteenth character portrayed by Sarah Paulson. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.
  • Mamie Eisenhower was the real-life first Lady of the United States from 1953 to 1961. Many theories about her involvement with aliens have been buried over the years, with some believing it was forgotten about due to extraterrestrials' interference.
  • Mamie is the eighth character played by Sarah Paulson to not make it out alive in their respective seasons.
  • As noted many times throughout Death Valley, Mamie loves fudge.
  • As revealed in "Inside", Dwight has caught Mamie in their bathtub with an electronic vibrator, which she used to justify her having sex with Valiant Thor.
  • As mentioned in "Take Me To Your Leader", Mamie is rivals with other former first ladies of the United States. The real-life Mamie Eisenhower also had rivalries with many US first ladies, including Jackie Kennedy.
  • Mamie is one of two immortality-seekers in the series, with the other being Fiona Goode.
    • Mamie was the most successful of the two in her clause for immortality, as she lived from the 70's all the way to 2021 without truly aging. Her only foil was her Manipulation attempt on Theta, which caused her to be murdered.
  • Mamie Eisenhower, Dwight Eisenhower, Kendall Carr, Troy Lord, Cal Cambon & Jamie Howard are the only six characters to appear in every episode of Death Valley.



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