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20 minutes? 20 hours? 20 days? In a windowless room without a clock, time felt like a luxury I couldn't afford.
— An extract from the book[src]

Maniac: One Woman's Story of Survival is an autobiographical publication written by Lana Winters. It details her ordeals with Briarcliff and Dr Oliver Thredson, a.k.a. Bloody Face.


She goes on a book tour in 1969 where she is reunited with Kit Walker. During one of the promotional events, Wendy Peyser appears in Lana's hallucination at her book signing, angered at Lana's whitewash about their relationship in Maniac. Wendy was only referred to as being Lana's "roommate", and complains she was made to seem more asexual and irrelevant.

Planned Sequels

Winters was researching for a sequel to the book, thereby launching a 'Maniac' series. The second installment was to be based on Leigh Emerson. Work on the book was pushed back so Winters could concentrate on making a televised expose about the running of Briarcliff Asylum. It is unknown whether the book was ever completed.


  • Hostess: "Ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct honor to welcome to Newman's Books the writer of Maniac: One Woman's Story of Survival. It's been on The New York Times Best Seller list for ten weeks now. The book is a sensation, and after devouring it in one sitting, I can honestly say she's my hero. Please welcome my new favorite author, Lana Winters."
  • Oliver Thredson
    You put it in your book just so you could sell more copies. You sold out.
    Lana Winters
    I'm a writer. It's my job to tell the essence of truth.
    Wedy Peyser
    Is that why you called me your roommate? I was your lover, but in your book, I was covered in a cloak of asexuality. Our life together disappeared.
    Lana Winters
    That part of my life wasn't pertinent to the book. It would have distracted the reader from the central theme.
    Your theme? Face it, Lana, you're only interested in one thing: fame.

  • Johnny Morgan
    I'm looking for a particular title. It's a really old book. The computer says that you're the only store around with an autographed copy. Maniac: One Woman's Story of Survival.
    By Lana Winters? That's not for sale.
    Johnny Morgan
    I've been looking for it for a long time.
    It's my mother's personal copy. She credited that book with giving her enough courage to finally leave my father. She said he was her own version of Bloody Face.
    Johnny Morgan
    Name your price. I'm related to her. The writer. She's my mother.



  • The book has been the first connection between mother and child, giving to Johnny Morgan the opportunity to be close to his mother for the first time precisely thanks to an autographed copy of the book. According to a bookseller who owned one of the last copies of the book, the vicissitudes narrated therein pushed his mother to leave her abusive husband, crediting Lana Winters as an inspiration.