Margaret Gibson (also known as Gibby) is a wannabe actress and a friend of Elizabeth. She is a character in Hotel portrayed by Monica Hewes.


In the 1920s, Elizabeth probably met Gibby on the set of a movie, since they were both dreaming of being famous actresses. They soon became best friends. Margaret, having received an invitation to attend James March's party to celebrate the opening week of the Hotel Cortez, brought Elizabeth with her. In 1926, Gibby at some point told Elizabeth about Charles Montgomery, who would perform the abortion on her which would result in the birth of Bartholomew.

Personality and Appearance

Opposite of young Elizabeth, Gibby is careless of the welfare and she can be hardly impressed. She has light brown hair and green eyes. She is somewhat interested in gossip and likes to read lifestyle magazines and newspapers.



  • Gibby (to Elizabeth about Natacha): "The only thing she transformed is his career. She ruined it."
  • Gibby (to Elizabeth): "Don't you read Picture Play?"
  • Gibby (to Elizabeth): "You can't fool me."


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