Margaret Kirchner (formerly known as Margaret Booth) is the supposed sole survivor of Mr. Jinglesʼs massacre and the director of Camp Redwood. She is a character in 1984 portrayed by Leslie Grossman.


Margaret had befriended Benjamin 'Benji' Richter at Camp Redwood, but both were constantly harassed by other counselors. In retaliation, Margaret brutally murdered them all and blamed Benjamin because he had sworn to protect her and so Margaret used his war veteran past as a scapegoat, creating an alternative version of events.[2]

According to her perspective, Margaret is the solo survivor out of the nine counselors' massacre in 1970. During the incident, she described herself "leaving her body" as Benjamin Richter, aka Mr. Jingles gashes out her ear. The massacre had since shifted Margaret's view in a religious direction and she openly rebukes the "sinful" actions by the counselors. Margaret self-assertively claims that she was reborn prior to the massacre ultimately resulted in her re-opening Camp Redwood using a portion of her late husband Walter Booth's immense fortune, with the motives of finishing what has been abandoned undone.[3]

Personality and Appearance

9x01 Margaret's missing ear

Margaret reveals her missing ear to the new counselors.

Margaret is a devout Christian who is bold in her religious views and collected regarding the re-opening prior to the infamous massacre. She devoted herself to Christ after her faith supposedly kept her alive during the massacre. She persistently is on the lookout for any "sins" and firmly expresses her disapproval of the destructive habits amongst the counselors' generation, including the trend of drugs, drinking, and pornography. Despite her harsh orders, she is frequently absent around the camp. She aims for Camp Redwood to become a "godly, decent” summer getaway for children. Margaret later explains that she is actually a Satanist and lied about Christ to kill the conseulers.

According to Donna Chambers, Margaret is an opportunistic and smart person, a straight up psychopath and one of the most vicious serial killers of the 20th century.

Margaret has a long feathered beige hair, capable of wearing glasses resting on her ear nub, and is seen uniformed in a vest.


The counselors arrive in noon, breaking in Margaret's wood-chopping session. She welcomes them, presenting herself as the camp owner. When questioned regarding the camp's desolated environment by Chet Clancy, she laid the blame on the Olympics, venting how their temporary jobs stole the camp's staff potentials. She then proceeds touring the group around the camp and cabins.

At night, she appears interrupting Rita Chambers' campfire tale to the counselors of the 1970 massacre, scolding her inaccurate information. She calls back the story from her point-of-view and draws back her hair, unveiling her missing ear.

Late at night, Brooke Thompson's shrieks from being chased by Mr. Jingles results in Margaret showing up at the front-door in a raincoat, irritated by the noise. The camp is investigated and appears to be clear, putting the racket to an end. Margaret reminds everyone to brace themselves for tomorrow and heads back.[3] 

Karen Hopple drives to Camp Redwood to meet with Margaret and explain Richter's escape. Margaret does not seem surprised to hear about it, and insists the camp will re-open on schedule, as she has a gun to protect herself.

Margaret walks into her home to find the Night Stalker waiting for her. She puts on some music and gets her first aid kit to treat his wounds. Margaret credits God with the hiker's resurrection, and says he has been dead for many years. To explain, she asks him to tell her the worst thing that had ever happened to him. Ramirez says that he likes Margaret, and she explains that he should not feel guilty for his actions if they are in service of God's (or Satan's) work. She tasks Richard with defending the camp and protecting the campers.

Margaret goes searching for the amnesiac hiker in the woods and, identifying him as Jonas, she says he might be dead.[4] 

Trevor finds Margaret outside and she is horrified by the dead bodies of the local townie pranksters. Trevor tries to convince Margaret to come with him to escape the camp, but Margaret refuses.

Margaret is in her cabin and she finds a wooden bear statue. In a flashback to 1970, Margaret encounters Benjamin, who she called Benji, whittling away on the bear statue. He gives her the bear so it's able to protect her. Midge and the rest of the counselors make fun of the pair, leaving Margaret upset. Margaret asks Richter if he's willing to protect her and Richter confirms that he would protect her at any cost.

Margaret is seen praying in her cabin, when Richter enters inside. Margaret inquires what he is doing at the camp and Richter explains he's here to finished what he's started. Margaret decides to reveal that she was responsible for the massacre and placed the blame on Richter due to Richter failing to keep his promise to protect her. Richter is in disbelief and recounts his torture at the asylum because no one believed his innocence. Richter decides to kill Margaret, but is shot by her several times in the chest.

Upon hearing the gunshots, Trevor goes to get Margaret believing that she may be in trouble. Trevor goes to her cabin and is surprised to see that Margaret has shot Richter. However, Margaret stabs Trevor to make it look like he was killed by Richter. Though, Margaret is shocked when she turns around to see Richter's body is missing.[2]

Margaret knocks out Xavier, fearing he would hurt someone. The group takes him back to a cabin. Margaret suggests that they take a boat to get across to the other side, claiming to see two people camping the other day. Montana proposes that Chet will go with Margaret, much to his dismay.

Margaret rows the boat as she has a conversation with Chet. The conversation becomes unpleasant as Margaret tries to force Chet to confess his secret. Margaret strikes Chet with an oar and he begins to struggle during the whole fight. Margaret slices his ear off and pushes Chet into the lake, leaving him to drown.

Richter finds Margaret in the archery arena. He throws his keys at her since she is the actual Mr. Jingles. Out of fury, Richter grabs Margaret by the throat and proceeds to choke her. However, Xavier appears, bow and arrow in hand. He shoots several arrows at Richter's chest and Richter releases his grasp on Margaret. As Richter falls and lays dying. Xavier asks if Margaret is okay and is suddenly attacked by her. She stabs Xavier and slices him open. She cuts his ear off soon after.

Margaret stabs her leg and acts as the victim to the police. Margaret tells them that Brooke went crazy and killed everyone.[5]

In 1989, Margaret Booth has become a wealthy real-estate agent who purchases properties with dark histories, such as Briarcliff Manor. Margaret is now married to Trevor, who survived the attack. Trevor is miserable with his new wife and begins an argument with her. In a flashback, Margaret visits Trevor who awakens from a coma in the hospital. Trevor remembers that Margaret had tried to kill him and decided against calling the cops. Instead, he tries to blackmail her to gain her wealth. However, Margaret states that she will marry him so Trevor can't testify against her. In the present, Margaret's personal assistant, Courtney, walks in and relays information that Brooke has lost her last appeal. She is set to be executed.

Margaret is hard at work and is frustrated to hear that a deal has fallen through. Courtney shows her a newspaper that has Camp Redwood on the front cover. The story contains details of a recent murder that has happened. Courtney is worried that they could be sued, but Margaret believes this is a great opportunity for them.

Margaret holds a press conference at Camp Redwood in front of reporters. She explains that an event will be held that includes a music festival and many fun activities. Chet, who is filled with rage, watches from afar and is ready to attack Margaret. He is stopped by Montana and tells him that he will have his chance later.

Margaret unsatisfied over the execution choice of Brooke.[6]

Lavinia Richter, mother of Benjamin Richter, admits to manipulating Margaret to carry out the 1970 massacre and blame Benjamin.

Margaret, Trevor, and Courtney are at Camp Redwood as they set up the music festival. A tour bus shows up and Limahl greets them. As Margaret talks to him, Trevor notices Montana's ghost and is surprised to see her. He tells Margaret that he is going to go sweep one of the restrooms.[7]

Margaret and Courtney stand in the tour bus in front of all the murdered members of Kajagoogoo. Margaret reprimands Courtney for not telling her about the situation sooner. She instructs Courtney, in full detail, on how to get rid of the bodies. Margaret orders him to scrub off all the blood and make sure there is not one drop left.

Brooke tells Stacey Phillips that Margaret Booth was responsible for the murders in 1970 and had framed Richter. Brooke also mentions that Margaret had framed her for the murders in 1984, but she admits that she did kill Montana out of self-defense.

Trevor admits he hates Margaret and loves Montana. After they leave the cabin, Trevor and Montana kiss while Margaret watches from the distance. Richter is shot in the head by Margaret. Bruce inquires who she is and Margaret points her gun at him. Ramirez assures that Bruce is with him. Margaret decides to make a plan with the two of them.

Donna redirects Brooke to their plan of getting revenge towards Margaret and to not feed into the evil. Stacey continues to run and is stopped by Ramirez. She is surprised to see Margaret as well and believes Brooke's story.

Margaret tells the two that they will kill all the music artists in the festival. Margaret will make millions by developing Camp Redwood as an 80's memoriam for the music artists. The two agree, but Ramirez requests that they do not touch Billy Idol.[8]

Out of nowhere, Trevor Kirchner appears. Bobby immediately knows who he is and states that he was married to Margaret Booth.

Margaret is on the phone and is infuriated that the talent isn't here yet. Courtney runs into the room, interrupting Margaret's conversation with Bruce and Richard Ramirez. He explains that Trevor has blocked the road and is turning people away. Margaret questions why and Courtney relays that Trevor hates her. Courtney also hesitantly admits that he told Trevor that Kajagoogoo had been murdered. Margaret pulls out a gun and shoots Courtney in the head, claiming that he's the world's worst assistant.

Trevor is seen turning away angry music goers in their cars from the location, using a plethora of excuses that the festival is cancelled. Margaret drives up and confronts Trevor immediately. Trevor informs Margaret that he knows Kajagoogoo is dead and she is complicit. He holds a knife for protection and declares that he will turn Margaret in and will file for divorce. Margaret shoots Trevor several times on the other side of the property line.

Margaret is on the phone, demanding someone move the bus. After being hung up on, Margaret sees the ghosts outside her window and is greeted by the presence of Donna, who stabs her in the arm. Donna proceeds to attack Margaret, but is quickly overcome by her. Brooke appears and tussles with Margaret. She slams her into a mirror and stabs her in the side. As the two brawl, Margaret ends up shooting Brooke in the abdomen and she falls to the floor. Donna is overcome with devastation, thinking that Brooke is dead and opens the door for the ghosts. Chet and Trevor grab a hold of Margaret as she tries to resist.

The ghosts bring Margaret to a woodchipper. Margaret tells them she'll become a ghost and they will be stuck with her if they murder her on the land. Trevor explains that they are going to kill Margaret over the property line by shooting her out of the woodchipper. Xavier and Chet dismember her arms and legs. They toss the body parts into the wood chipper as the ghosts cheer on. Margaret taunts them that she is dying already. Montana explains that the brain is alive for thirty seconds after decapitation. Montana soon decapitates her with an machete. They toss Margaret's torso, along with her head, into the wood chipper.

Bobby returns to Camp Redwood and is alarmed to see the ghost of Margaret. He knows who she is and tells her that she framed Richter. Margaret tells Bobby she can take him to Richter. But Bobby is skeptical of her. He is confused since he thought that she died off the land. Margaret discloses that she died right before the woodchipper spit her head out. She had been hiding out from the ghosts ever since. Margaret pulls out a knife to kill Bobby, but is stopped by Richter. He stabs her in the head. Bobby embraces his father and the two share a loving moment together. However, Margaret soon interrupts it by killing Richter, exclaiming that she is the final girl.

Lavinia Richter intervenes to protect Bobby from Margaret and that he deserves a happy ending from this tragedy. The other ghosts appear and Lavinia beckons that they take her.[9]


  • Margaret: "Well, I'm not banning self-abuse. Although every stroke soils your soul."
  • Margaret: "I have been fighting the Lord's fight against filth around the world for years."
  • To Counselors: "This is the boys cabin. Girls are red, boys are blue. Don't even try to make purple."
  • To Brooke: "Cleanliness is next to godliness. Go clean yourself up."
  • To Richard: "Do you want to know the other great thing about God? You can use him to explain why something happened, but you can also use him to explain why you did something. Even something horrible. Isn't that great?"
  • To Jonas: "Probably would have stayed out on that road where you died if those moron counselors hadn't picked you up and brought you to camp."
  • Margaret: "I will make that fat fuck's crimes look like a Boy Scout jamboree!"
  • To Trevor: "Old habits die hard, and the darkness still whispers, so don't you fuck with me!"
  • Margaret: "They really should bring back the guillotine. I would've paid good money to see her head roll."




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