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Maria Wycoff is a housewife who became victim to extraterrestrial forces. She is a character in Double Feature portrayed by Rebecca Dayan.


Maria was a seemingly extremely happy housewife living with her husband and son in New Mexico. However, after being used as an alien vessel, she had murdered the remainder of her family and made her way to Area 51.

Personality and Appearance[]

Maria ia a caucasian woman in her early 30's with 50s-styled, brunette hair with dark red lipstick and a puffed but wavey white dress & high-heels. Maria, before being inhabited by the extraterrestrial, seems to have been a good cook as well as a good mother. After her "possession", she became very sadistic but also mercilessly emotionless, not caring about the amount of people she had killed.


In Albuquerque, New Mexico, Maria pulls a casserole out of the oven and sets the dinner table, as her son, Timmy, plays in the front yard; both awaiting the arrival of the father. In the house, the lights flicker, the record playing Dean Martin's "That's Amore" skips, and the clock spins backwards. Maria goes to the window to find Timmy missing and dust devils blaze over his toy fire engine. She grabs the phone and dials, to find Timmy's voice telling her not to be afraid. She is pulled to the ceiling, and an altered Timmy enters the house and bids her to take his hand. Maria's husband comes home to find his home a wreck and Maria floating mid-air, eyes pure white and glowing; with a flick of her wrist, she explodes his head.

Later,at Area 51, Eisenhower watches as the extraterrestrial corpse is autopsied, and the scientists find the shell of the body is hollow. A membranous mass leaps from the husk and latches onto the examiner's face. The other examiner tries to rip it off, and it ends up on his face shortly before both men's heads explode. In a panic, the President is escorted away from the observation area to a safe location but is stopped by Maria, whom Eisenhower tries to negotiate with. Instead, she tells him that it is he who will listen to them.

Within the same week, President Eisenhower is indecisive on whether to take the deal from the aliens. His advisors counsel him that the aliens could make a deal with Russia instead. Maria enters the meeting with gifts of stealth and fiber-optic technologies. She insists that the alien homeworld is dying and they are desperate to find solutions. The experimentation is necessary to create hybrids that can thrive even in Earth's toxic and pathogenic environments. Refusing to agree with the demands, a military General rises from his seat and aims his pistol at Wycoff. With a flick of her wrist, his head explodes. Unable to further sustain control of the human body, the alien inhabiting Maria exits the meeting by exploding her head.


  • Maria to President Eisenhower, also her most famous quote: "No, Mr. President. It is you who will listen to us."
  • To Eisenhower's advisors: "I suggest you do as we order, for the sake of your country."


  • Maria Wycoff is the first character to be played by Rebecca Dayan. For a complete list of her characters, go see Cast.
  • Maria has the highest on-screen kill count in "Death Valley", with a total of 10 kills.
  • While she is credited as part of the main cast, Rebecca only appears as Maria in two episodes of "Death Valley". This is the same concurrance with Lily Rabe as Amelia Earhart.


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