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Marie Nikki Argento is a resident of the Murder House. She is a character in You're Going To Die In There.

Personality and Appearance[]

She was very much in love with Sam but extremely shy. She was a writer and the owner of a clothing store.

Objects / Evidence[]

One police report was made for both Marie and her husband, which shows they died due to the same causes: severe blunt-force trauma, knife play, and erotic asphyxiation. Photo evidence of before and up to the murder show that Stanley died before Marie, and this greatly upset her. While living in the house, she thought of it as "beautiful, yet just wasn't right."[citation needed] Of note is that the flesh on both her and Stanley was shredded severely, as if done by an animal. The police report indicates that they had no pets, leaving the officers at a loss. Her body was found in an extreme standing split. She was covered in both her and her husband's blood. Video recording of the acts shows that the two were interrupted and killed by an unknown assailant.

It is noted that although the two died during acts of BDSM, their murders are presumably not related to the Rubber Man, a recurring ghost who wears a BDSM latex suit. However, it is possible that the inhumane scratches on their flesh came from the Infantata, as similar marks were created when Nora tried to feed her reanimated child shortly after his creation, and later in 1978, when the Infantata killed and fed on Troy and Bryan in the same manner.


Sam's and Nikki's surname is likely inspired by director Dario Argento, from whom Ryan Murphy has claimed inspiration in the past.[1]


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