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Marjorie is ventriloquist dummy and an alternate personality of Chester Creb. She is a character in Freak Show portrayed by Jamie Brewer.


Marjorie is a ventriloquist dummy owned by Chester Creb, who thinks she is an actual person, unaware that it is a hallucination and an alternate personality caused by his mental instability. Chester likes Marjorie to watch whenever he's having intercourses with women or when he's watching one, which often disturbs them.[1]

Personality and Appearance[]

Chester's alternate personality as Marjorie is extremely sarcastic and rude, often quipping at Chester's and everyone else's expense. This personality is also rather malevolent towards and possessive of Chester's main personality, taking her anger out on Chester, while at the same time stating that he is "nothing without her".[1][2]

Marjorie, as both a doll and a hallucination, wears a simple red dress with black accents. She has pale skin and short brown hair that curls up at the ends.[1][2]


After Chester's wife Alice humiliates him, Marjorie tells him that they have to be taken care of, and he hallucinates Marjorie killing Alice and Lucy, her lesbian lover, when in reality, it was him doing the deed.[1]

When Chester arrives to the freak show, he tries to impress Elsa Mars with her, while Marjorie berates Chester, calling him a dummy and punching him. Later, Marjorie goes missing after Chester has sex with the Tattler twins. Chester finds her in the big top, where Marjorie, in Chester's hallucination, tries to convince him to saw the Tattler twins in half, yet he does not since he is in love with them. Chester rejects this idea, however, and ends up putting Marjorie away when he has sex with the twins again. Marjorie, enraged, tries to manipulate Chester into believing that they will never love him, and reminds him that he was the one who killed Alice and Lucy, as she is just a doll.[1]

After Chester becomes the owner of the freak show, Marjorie makes Chester, who is troubled by the memories of her ex-wife's lover, kill Maggie Esmerelda in a magic box act. Marjorie walks off, laughing. Later, Chester finds Marjorie who tells him she's leaving, Chester gets angry and pushes the doll on the bed and stabs her to death.[2]

Soon after, Chesters brings a blood soaked blanket into a local police station, telling them it was him and that he wants to be put in the electric chair. Inside is the doll of Marjorie covered in blood.[2]


  • To Chester Creb: "That'll pack 'em in, Chester!"


  • Marjorie is the third character in the show to be portrayed by Jamie Brewer. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.


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