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Matt Webb is an actor with sinister plans for the newly found family life with his wife. He is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Ronen Rubinstein.


At the hospital, Matt and his wife Liv, hears bad news from Dr. Mounds. They've had five IVF procedures over two years, but the doctor now thinks they need to pursue other options. One stormy night, Liv places the totem under their bed. As they make love, the totem falls beneath them.

Personality and Appearance[]

Matt Webb is a tall and handsome man with short and neat hair in his 30s. At first he seems amiable and brave. He will do anything to protect his wife Liv, even quitting his job. He also asks Liv to see the doctor, Dr. Eleanor Berger, to solve her problems. However, it is later revealed that he is just a mercenary villain and will do anything with his friends to get money, even betraying his wife. Eventually, Matt becomes a victim of his own machinations.


Liv is surprised by Matt, covered in monster makeup and fresh off shooting a scene for NCIS, in the hall. He says that Norma called him worried, and he came back for a brief break to check on her. Liv tells him that all that she wanted to be was a mother, and now she can't seem to do a good job of it. Matt insists that what she's feeling is entirely normal but he suggests seeing a professional. She doesn't want to attend therapy, but he says that his agent gave him the card for a medical doctor specializing in post-partum depression treatment.

Matt returns home from an acting job briefly and notices the change in Liv. Confident that she can take care of Aaron's sudden crying. Matt thinks a raccoon must have been in the basement, but wonders — after Liv has told him about the totem's appearance — where she got it. She claims she found it at a new age store and that it's a good luck talisman. He is creeped out by it, but also thinks she needs more sleep to get better. He won't be able to work on the show if he is taking care of her at night, and wants her to try to take better care of herself while he is away.

Matt brings Dr Berger in for a house call, and the doctor also listens to the recording. At a dinner party with some of his college friends, Matt is congratulated for breaking into the business. One of them spots a Ouija board and suggests they give it a try. Matt is reluctant, but Liv says it is OK. They begin a seance, and the planchette moves to spell out "Jack Meoff" as the speaker. They laugh about it, but try again and the board spells "He is mine". Liv begins to panic and throws the board into the fire. Matt is upset that Liv has embarrassed him in front of his friends, which has brought him to a breaking point. He demands that she figure it out.

Liv accidentally stabs Matt (who she did not see or hear enter the room) in the shoulder. Two weeks later, Matt (with his arm in a sling) visits Liv in a mental health facility. He forgives her and says that Aaron is doing well. She wants to stay until Dr Berger says it is safe and Aaron is not in danger. Matt and Bernadette have been conspiring to gaslight Liv into indefinite commitment to the sanitarium. Bernadette is not truly a Wiccan, and the two actors have truly committed to their parts. The remaining college friends were also in on the act. Stan added special effects to the baby monitor, the damage to the basement, and electronics to supply the devilish audio. Emma carved the figurines and her husband wore the Ba'al suit. Matt himself switched out the anti-depressants for a psychoactive cocktail and intentionally lowered his sperm count to reduce his fertility (not wanting to have a child in the first place). They filmed the entire process and intend to make money off of gaslighting Liv.

Matt leaves his partying friends to change Aaron's diaper, and the lights begin to flicker as fog rolls in. Ba'al has come to claim them and executes each in turn. Matt ends up in prison for his crimes after his confession. Liv comes to visit Matt in prison, and he tells her that he did it because he never wanted kids. Eventually, he didn't want her either. He insists, though, that the demon killed his friends. Liv begins to leave, not wanting to listen to talk of demons from him. He begs for money for his defense, but Liv will not help him. She walks away saying that Aaron has no father.[1]


  • Matt: "I don't want kids, Liv. I told you that, but you didn't listen. After a while, I-I don't want you, either"
  • Matt: "It was the demon. It was Ba'al. He's - he's real, and - and he killed everybody, and he left me to take the blame for it."
  • Matt: "Liv, don't go back to the house! Liv, he's real!"



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