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Ms. Mavis Preecher is a mysterious woman with the will to protect those from untimely decay. She is a character in American Horror Story: Delicate portrayed by Julie White.

Personality and Appearance[]

Mavis Preecher is an extremely paranoid woman that wants to protect/warn people about their pregnancies, as they themselves might come face-to-face with the Women in Black. Preecher is an elderly woman with graying hair and beautiful 60's-style makeup. She almost always wears a black hooded dress with fingerless gloves, white high-heels and a pearl neckalce & bracelet.


Preecher was a fashion designer that fell pregnant by accident via a one-night stand. Her career came to an untimely end after her child was stolen out of her womb by Dr. Hill and the Women in Black. In the present day, she is trying to protect famous actress Anna Victoria Alcott from meeting the same fate at the height of her fame.


In 1987 in Manhattan, New York City, Preecher is in labour at Dr. Hill's clinic. He is gaslighting and antagonizing her, before reminding her of an agreement she had made with the witches. Moments later, two of the Women in Black walk in to a bloody and disturbing birth. When the baby is born, it is taken away from Preecher, never to be seen again.

In the present day, actress Anna Victoria Alcott goes to her local clinic for a check-up but is stopped by Preecher. She tells Anna that she recognizes her, in which Anna assumes she is a fan. She takes a picture of Anna, and as Anna stands up and runs out of the building, Preecher has vanished into thin air.

A while later, Preecher starts stalking Anna and Siobhan's Instagram accounts. Anna decides to follow her account and finds out that Preecher creates wild conspiracies and has posted images of Anna before. In the same week, Anna is walking through the woods and hears Preecher singing "Rockabye Baby", which terrifies Anna and she runs to her house. Anna, Dex and Kamal go back to the woods and find no evidence of Preecher ever being there. Anna notes that she was wearing a red, bloodstained hooded robe. Preecher's Instagram account then gets deleted by unknown individuals.

Cora, in an attempt to cover up her altering Anna's calendar, blames Preecher for the weird things happening to the young actress. Anna, after a consumptive breakdown, hallucinates Preecher hanging over her with blood spewing from her mouth, eyes, nose and ears. Anna wakes up to find that it had all been in her head, before seeing a footprint in the dust, possibly being Preecher's.

Virginia Harding, Dex's mother, walks through an alleyway in which Preecher invites her to a sophisticated restaurant and states she needs to speak to her. At the restaurant, Preecher tells Virginia about what happened to her in 1987 and explains that Anna and Dex are in danger. Virginia and Preecher reveal to each other a shares knowledge that Dex's ex-wife, Adeline Harding, was one of the key membera of the Women in Black. As the two are deel in-conversation, a hooded Cora is watching them for afar. A while later, in Opening Night, Preecher expresses that she needs to speak to Anna urgently, but she can't because Siobhan is near, implicating her in the cult. Preecher then dissapears and Anna is visibly confused.

After the supposed suicide of Virginia, Preecher interrupts her funeral and reveals that Virginia was forcibly silenced. Preecher explains that Virginia had been trying to warn Dex for a long time, and that he should listen to Anna. Preecher was then escorted and manhandled, being sedated and sent to the ER. Anna visits Preecher at the ER, being worried about her, and Preecher explains that Anna, and her unborn child, are not safe. She states they will take "everything" from her, before being sedated again. Anna stays overnight to look after Preecher, but in the morning finds out that Preecher had been taken by mysterious "friends".


  • To Anna upon meeting her: "I know you."
  • To Dex at his mother's funeral: "You! You did not listen to her! She tried to warn you over and over and over! Her blood is in your hands!"
  • While bing manhandled: "No! Don't you fucking touch me!"


  • Mavis Preecher is the first character in American Horror Story to be portrayed by Julie White.
  • Preecher is, alongside Jimmy Darling, Iris, Liz Taylor, The Countess, Sidney Aaron James, Michael Langdon, Belle Noir and Adeline Harding, one of nine characters to be the main character of an episode despite not being the protagonist of the season.
  • Preecher is a former fashion model.
  • Preecher's surname is a play on "preacher", which signifies her role as a harbinger of danger.
  • Preecher is one of the few characters in the entire show to not change her clothing. Two other notable characters who fall in this category is Moira O'Hara and Karen.
  • Preecher is missing from just one episode of Delicate, that being the flashback episode "Ave Hestia".
  • In the book the character's name is Ms. Io Preecher, however Siobhan Corbyn confirmed the character's fist name was 'Mavis' in the final episode of Delicate. Interestingly, Julie White also called her character Ms. Io Preecher on her social media.