Max Ellison is the son of Mrs. Ellison and Mr. Ellison. He is a character in Hotel portrayed by Anton Starkman.


Max Ellison is the only child of Mrs. Ellison and Mr. Ellison. He was changed into one of the afflicted by Alex Lowe after nearly dying from measles. Max murders his family and drinks their blood, and continues to do so with his classmates and teachers.

Personality and Appearance

Max is noticeably around twelve years old, and is somewhat mature for his age. He's extremely creative and cunning. It is obvious that Max knows what he wants.

Max has light brown hair and brown eyes. He has only been seen in both hospital clothing and his pirate Halloween costume.


Max is lying in his bed due to symptoms of the measles. His mother, Mrs. Ellison, had refused to get him his shots, since she was highly terrified of vaccines, believing that they cause more harm than good. After visiting him, Dr Alex Lowe give her to understand that there is a possibility he could die if he doesn't get proper treatment. [1]

Some days later, Max's measles had intensified, adding pneumonia and 103+ degree fever. Alex Lowe, then, transports him to the hospital. [2]

Max was in full respiratory failure, but has made a "miraculous" recovery after Alex injected her blood into Max's IV bag.

Max runs to catch the school bus in a pirate costume, having fed upon his parents in their kitchen. His class is decorating the classroom for Halloween, and his friend Madeline was worried about him. He explains nearly dying from the measles, and while they lean in for a kiss, he bites her lip. He offers some of his own to exchange. The teacher comes to check on them and he slices her throat. Maddy is led to drink from her, and tainted snacks have infected the other children. The principal is the next meal for the hungry class. He barely escapes to the office, and the staff puts the school on lockdown. A SWAT team finds a trail of blood and bloodied corpses throughout the hallways, and they escort the infected children out of the school. Max's friend Maddy and his friend Jimmy tell a rehearsed story about a masked intruder, as do the rest of the classmates. [3]

Max influences the other children to kill and feed on their respective families until they attract the attention of the media when a homeless man is found exsanguinated. Alex sees the report on television and finds the children at Max's house where they have killed and fed on a delivery boy. She offers Max and the others sanctuary at the hotel but they refuse and threaten to kill her if she ever interferes with them again. After The Countess realizes what has happened she gives Alex one chance to reconcile her mistake, threatening to kill both her and Holden if she fails. She returns to Max's house where one of the children dies from starvation, at which point they decide to go with Alex to the Cortez. Alex and John trick the children and lock them in The Countess's Hate Vault where they are assaulted by Ramona Royale. [4]


  • Max (to a policeman): "Yes sir, I know exactly what happened."
  • Max (to Maddy): "I'm just so much better now."
  • Max (to classmates): "Drink, it'll make you feel awesome."
  • Max (to Maddy): "Now it's your turn to taste my blood."

Associated Characters


Madeline was a young student and friend of Max, deceived and turned into an afflicted by the boy. After being infected by the blood virus, Madeline became one of the children wreaking havoc at school, feeding on teachers, and then at home, feeding on their own families. After following Alex Lowe at the Hotel Cortez, she eventually finds death in one of Cortez's hallways.


  • Max Ellison marks Anton Starkman's first appearance on American Horror story.
  • Max Ellison is but one of the juvenile sadists in the series. The other was Jenny Reynolds, a sadistic little girl in "Asylum" who even briefly bonded with the Demon possessing Sister Mary Eunice. Another noteworthy is Dandy Mott, who started his crimes at a very young age but, unlike Max, managed to reach adulthood continuing to perpetrate his sadistic games in "Freak Show."



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