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Meadow Wilton is a woman with a resentment about being in the sun for too long. She is a character in Cult portrayed by Leslie Grossman. She was a neighbor of Ally and Ivy Mayfair-Richards.


Meadow used to work in pharmaceuticals but due to her condition after skin cancer, she had to quit and she started working from home. Since then she only spent ten minutes at a time outside.[2] Following her melanoma and dismissal from her previous job, Meadow began working at a craft store but quit the job because of sexual harassment by her employer. Following the eviction note, she had an argument with her husband and found herself involved in disposing of Vincenzo Ravoli's corpse, killed by Harrison and Kai Anderson. From that moment on, Meadow joined Kai's cult, designing the clown costumes and killing Serena Belinda and her cameraman in cold blood.[3]

On December 2016, Meadow bonded with Kai through her artwork for the cult and then helped him with a style makeover. During the time spent together, Meadow fell in love with him to the point to kill for his cause. However, her reluctance to blindly believe in Kai's cause brought the cult members to cut off Meadow from their circle.[4]

Personality and Appearance[]

Meadow was married to her gay best friend from high school, Harrison, whom she had a pact with. If they were still single at 35, they would've married each other. She allowed her husband one night a week in Detroit to do whatever he pleased as long as he didn't make a fool of her and took precautions.

She and Harrison were co-vice presidents of the Nicole Kidman fan club in Michigan.

Meadow was a blonde petite woman in her late 30s.


Meadow is first seen in her costume terrorizing Ally at the store. She is later seen killing the Changs in cold blood with Ozzy watching. In the breaking news hosted by Beverly Hope, Meadow appeared alongside her husband Harrison as the people who filmed Kai Anderson's attack. Having bought the Chang house after their murder, Meadow made the acquaintance of Ally and Ivy Mayfair-Richards. She introduced herself immediately as a friendly neighbor, much to sympathize with Ally's paranoia and desire to protect her family with a gun.[2]

Meadow is also seen in her costume at the murder of Rosie and Mark. Following the murder of Pedro Morales, Meadow became openly hostile to Ally. More or less at the same time, the woman was reclaimed by Kai Anderson. During the pinky ritual, Meadow sparked Kai's anger with her superficial confessions until she admitted her fear of being a nobody, unloved by the man she loves who started a new intimate friendship with another man. Following this meeting, Meadow disappeared from her house, leaving nothing but blood traces behind her, thus leading her husband to think the worse happened.[5]

Following her disappearance, Meadow was found by Ally in a pit dug in the backyard of the Wiltons' house. Terrorized and suffering, she asked for help but when Ally fled, Meadow followed her at home but wasn't able to step in since Ally locked the door. From behind the bars Ally placed at her window, then, Meadow succeeded in revealing the identity of the cult members before being hooded and dragged away by unidentified assailants.[6]

Meadow was tied and gagged in the garage of her home by Harrison and Jack but was readily released by Ally. As they fled, Meadow dropped a toolbox as she grabbed her purse, and the two women were seen by Jack. They managed to escape with Ally's car and reached the Butchery on Main. There they find the sound alarm and Meadow wondered if she could have a cappuccino whilst Ally searched for intruders or other cult members. Cornered, Meadow opened up the cult with Ally, explaining all the projects that the various members had perpetrated in recent months and how she had been cut off from the cult for her lack of blind trust in Kai. Having informed Ally of their wrongdoings, Meadow stated that they had to kill Kai. Afterward, Ally brought Meadow to Dr. Rudy Vincent for her safety, ignoring that the psychiatrist was Kai's older brother. While in the psychiatrist's studio, Meadow received a phone call from Kai and reached the cult leader in the city where he was holding a political debate. There, Meadow began to shoot on sight anyone nearby before pointing the gun in her mouth and press the trigger, ending her life to show Ally "the face of true love," thus revealing how she was still a faithful follower of the cult.[4]


  • This character marks the first appearance of Leslie Grossman in American Horror Story. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.
  • She suffers from heliophobia, the fear of the sun, triggered by her defeated skin cancer.
  • The home her and Harrison share was used as Lindsay's (portrayed by Kyle Richards) home in the 1978 John Carpenter film "Halloween". The home is actually located in a neighborhood of Pasadena, California.


  • Meadow: "It's global warming. We're all gonna get cancer."
  • To Kai: "Can I be honest? I'm afraid that Sonja on The Real Housewives of New York has a drinking problem."
  • To Kai: "I'm afraid the man I love is turning against me."
  • To Kai: "I wanted to be a painter, but I was too drawn to the normalcy of a middle-class lifestyle."
  • To Ally: "It's a cult Ally! It's a sick cult, and everyone's in it.The police, my husband, your babysitter, your wife!"
  • Meadow: "This is the face of true love."



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