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Michael is a teenage boy who is kidnapped by Twisty the Clown. He is a character in Freak Show portrayed by Dalton E. Gray. He was held hostage in Twisty's bus after he was abducted from his family home on Halloween.

Personality and Appearance[]

Mike is a tall teenage boy with fair skin and short blonde hair. He is selfish and likes to torment his little sister Jessie whenever possible. Mike found out about Jessie's coulrophobia, so he deliberately dressed as a clown on Halloween for the sole purpose of unnerving his sister. Mike is also not above stealing Jessie's belongings.


Michael, or Mike, lives in Jupiter's neighboring town of West Beach, Florida. He lives at home with his parents and his little sister, Jessie.

On Halloween 1952, Mike deliberately chooses to dress up as a clown to scare his sister, who he knows is coulrophobic. He wears an elaborate purple and green baggy clown suit with a bowler hat out to go trick-or-treating.

As they walk down the street during the afternoon, Mike runs ahead of his sister and mother to the next house. He then attempts to scare Jessie, leaning forward and laughing as she looks on with fear. A woman turns to their mother and asks about Jessie's reaction. Their mother tells her that Jessie has coulrophobia and was very reluctant to leave the house to go trick-or-treating that year.

Mike runs ahead while Jessie lingers behind at the first house. She stops at the end of the path and spots Twisty standing behind a bush, watching her and Mike. Jessie runs after her mother and careens into the women, telling them about the scary clown she just saw. Mike and Jessie's mother brushes aside her concerns and admonishes Jessie for her imagination. She tells her that there are lots of clowns on Halloween. While they speak, Twisty prowls closer to the family. He crosses the road and watches the children from the yard of the opposite house.

Later that evening, the family has returned home. Their mother and her friend are drinking martinis and move to sit in the lounge room, their backs turned as Twisty passes through the hall. Meanwhile, Mike dresses in full body blue pajamas. Jessie is sitting on her bed, having a tea party with her dolls. She hears someone in the doorway, and looks up to find that Mike has paid her a visit. Mike has stolen Jessie's plastic pumpkin container full of candy and refuses to give it back to her. He taunts her, telling her to call him 'Master Mike' and tries to get her to promise to do all his chores for a week if she wants any candy. Jessie drops the dolls and goes silent, staring over Mike's shoulder. She spots the same clown that she saw stalking her down the street earlier that afternoon. Twisty creeps up behind Mike, watching him torment his sister. He stops just behind Mike and puts his finger to his lips, willing Jessie to stay silent. Mike asks Jessie what the matter is and turns to follow her stare. He screams when he sees Twisty looming over him.

Mike's yell alerts the women in the lounge room to the intruder. Mike's mother runs to Jessie's bedroom but does not see her son. They find Jessie alone and hyperventilating on her bed. Jessie points to the open window and says that "the clown took him".[1]

Twisty takes Mike back to his caravan, dragging the boy by the ear. Twisty encounters Dandy and dumps Mike to the ground. When Mike wakes up, he finds himself trapped inside a cage with Bonnie and Corey. Corey has passed out from hunger and malnutrition. Mike asks Bonnie if he is going to die, and she assures him that she is not willing to die there. She instructs him to untie the rope around her feet. Mike just manages to pull the knot free before Twisty returns.

When Twisty opens the cage, Bonnie waits for Twisty to turn his back and then pushes him over, fleeing through the trees and screaming for help. Bonnie makes it to the road and manages to attract the attention of Jimmy and Maggie as Twisty tackles her from behind and knocks her out. Twisty throws Bonnie over his shoulder and returns her to his camp. Jimmy and Maggie discreetly follow Twisty back to the caravan, vowing to help Bonnie. Jimmy peers at the caravan through the trees and spots Mike sitting tied up in the cage. Jimmy and Maggie are hit over the head and captured by Dandy Mott before they can make a move.

Mike is made to sit on the ground outside with Bonnie, Corey, Jimmy, and Maggie as Dandy and Twisty perform for them. He watches Maggie nearly get sawed in half during Dandy's act, before Jimmy knocks him over and yells at them to run. As Mike flees with his fellow captors, Maggie tells them all to be quiet and listens for cars. She figures out the direction of the road and tells them all to run and call the police. They are found by bystanders and the police are called. Mike returns to his family.

The next morning, Mike's parents and Jessie arrive at Elsa's camp to find Jimmy and thank him for saving their son. Jessie hands him a plate of home-made brownies as a thank you gift.[2]