Someone who knew you were being sent here. They implanted this technology in you, in order to spy on me.
Arthur Arden[src]
Micro-Bot is a character.It is a character in Asylum.

While prepping Kit for exploratory neurosurgery, Dr. Arden notices a small lump in his neck. After making a small incision, he discovers what appears to be a microchip, an unknown technology to the era. After placing it on a tray, it sprouts six segmented "legs" and skitters away[1]. The micro-bot appears to be almost indestructible, as it is able to autonomously reassemble itself after being dissected into several parts and welded by Arden, who believes its purpose to be espionage.[2] Its current whereabouts are unknown but Dr. Arden believes that it has reintroduced itself to Kit's body.[3]


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