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Monet Tumusiime is the actress who portrayed Lee Harris in "My Roanoke Nightmare". She is a character in Roanoke portrayed by Angela Bassett.


Not much is known about Monet before her role in My Roanoke Nightmare, except that she was completely sober prior to filming My Roanoke Nightmare and became a alcoholic. Monet blames Lee saying she had to get inside of Lee's head to play her.

Personality and Appearance[]

As an alcoholic, she displays common traits such as being unreasonable and angry.

Like her co-stars, she is skeptical about Shelby and Matt's story as she never experienced anything unusual during the filming of My Roanoke Nightmare.

Due to the audience's suspicion about Lee as a potential killer, their dislike of her is directed to Monet as the actress. Because of this, she blames Lee for her alcohol problems rather than herself.

Although her drinking issues interfere with her outward behavior, she exhibits care for other people. She volunteers to help find Sidney, and tells Lee, in the midst of escaping a mob, not to be hard on Audrey who just found out her husband is dead.


Whilst the lives of some of her co-stars greatly improved following My Roanoke Nightmare, hers fell into a pit of contentious alcohol issues. Because of this, the show's producers are hesitant on inviting her back for the sequel. Despite this, Sidney gets her to join anyway.

During the very first night of Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell, she is already heavily intoxicated. Whilst in the kitchen, Lee tries to help Monet from her alcoholism by admitting she's been through the same experience. Monet replies angrily, stating that she started drinking because of the audience's dislike for who Lee is, which turned into their dislike of her. Lee responds stating that it wasn't her fault that the audience thinks she is a murderer, but rather Monet's fault for portraying Lee as a questionable person. That same evening, she and her co-stars express further doubt about the Roanoke curse despite Audrey's recent encounter with a spirit.[1]

The following day, Lee tells the others not to hand any alcohol to Monet, stating that giving an alcoholic a drink is like giving a loaded gun to a killer. Monet pokes fun at her statement, implying that she'd know what it's like because she killed her husband. After Shelby is attacked by Agnes the following day, she and Audrey volunteer to aid Lee in finding Sidney in order to get medical help.

Monet's doubt about the paranormal occurrences at Roanoke comes to an end when she, Audrey and Lee encounter a spirit within the tunnels. After running away from an approaching mob, she is the first to notice that Audrey is apparently bleeding. It turns out that the blood on her face is actually from her husband's corpse that is looming over them. When Audrey is unable to follow Lee's request to film what is occurring, Monet supports her because she just lost her husband and is clearly in a traumatized state.

When the Polks capture the trio, she and Audrey are tortured and forced into eating Lee's flesh.[2]

Monet remains like Audrey tied to a chair tormented by two of the Polk brothers, until Mama Polk orders that teeth be taken from one of the girls to create a blessed tooth necklace to honor the teeth hailstorm created by the Ancient Gods when appeased with a blood sacrifice.

Monet is initially selected by the brothers to have her teeth pulled for the necklace, but as the first pair of pliers break in yanking on of her teeth, her chair also becomes loosened of its bolts.

The larger pair of pliers prepared for the extraction of her teeth leads to a struggle in which her chair collapses and Monet falls backward.

She feigns unconsciousness as the Polks descend to her, and knees one in the testicles as she renders the other to the ground and attempts to free a flailing Audrey to no avail.

As Mama Polk can be heard entering the cavern, Monet informs Audrey she will return with help and then runs as Mama Polk enters.

The Polk brothers are ordered by Mama to reclaim her as Audrey's teeth will serve as the substitute.

Monet flees into the woods near the Polk farm on the Roanoke settlement and hides laying down on her front from their torches.

Unseen over the course of Audrey and Lee's escape from the Polk farm back to the former Miller house Monet is recaptured by the Polk brothers and brought back to the farm, where she has her hands bound by rope behind her back in the family barn.

Audrey and Lee after informing new arrival Dylan of Monet's escape and undetermined fate, have him decide that they must return to the Polk family farm not only on the chance of a vehicle to hotwire as he caught an Uber to the Miller house, but to save the believed to be recaptured Monet.

Monet is released from her bindings in a broken down state of crying and panic by Audrey, and the two pay witness outside to Dylan's knifing by the Polk brothers, also on the way out Monet witnesses Audrey record and kill Papa Polk with Lee's handgun.

Audrey and Monet running through the woods, return to the Miller house again and lock themselves inside, hiding upstairs in the master bedroom.

With Lee gone and believed to be dead, Audrey has the tape Lee was so desperate to reclaim from the Polk farm, and Monet seizes it to play it back.

The tape shows to her and Audrey Lee's confession of her murder of Mason Harris. Monet then rolls her eyes and slaps her leg, hearing what she always believed.

Later, as Audrey rebuffs the importance of the tape, Monet stresses in stating upon the blood moon ending and the police coming them reporting her to the authorities, as Lee has most likely been killed by the remaining Polks.

Monet coldly in harsh sarcasm embraces the thought as she is now a confirmed murderer.

Later, Lee under the thrall of Scáthach, returns to the Miller house and begins uttering the crazed lines of the Butcher to Monet and Audrey outside the master bedroom on the upstairs landing.

Monet confronts Lee, claiming to not be afraid of her and insulting her for her state and being the confirmed killer of her ex-husband.

Lee, who had been focusing her blank stare on Audrey, then shifts her focus all of a sudden to Monet standing behind her, and turns behind to suddenly push Monet over the upstairs railing to be impaled on the exposed broken wooden shaft piece protruding due to the earlier chandelier damage, caused by Piggy Man and The Chens.

Audrey, upon getting down to the foyer, discovers the still slowly dying Monet who dies shortly before the arrival of Dylan, Sophie and Milo at the Miller house during Audrey's storm shelter ladder attack by Lee.


  • To Lee Harris: "I'm a drunk because of you, you murdering bitch! I had to live in your head for months. I know how you think. But how do you live with yourself, killing the father of your child, hmm?"
  • Monet: "It's been an hour. No ambulance. No message from Sidney. Shelby, she seems to be stable. For now. I'm really struggling here. I'll admit it, I'm scared."




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