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Montana Duke is supposedly just happy to welcome Brooke into her male-dominated friend group[1]. She is a character in American Horror Story portrayed by Billie Lourd.


When Montana was six years old, her mother had sent her away to a "fat camp" where she learned how to binge and purge.[2] Montana had her sexual awakening by watching Jane Fonda's unedited fitness video featuring Trevor Kirchner, the first thing she "masturbated to".[3]

In the summer of 1983 Montana's brother Sam was killed by Joey CavanaughBrooke Thompson's late fiance. Montana vowed to get her revenge on Brooke, teaming up with her lover, Richard Ramirez, after he killed one of her enemies. She met him during one of her aerobic classes.[4]

Personality and Appearance[]

Montana is by her own admission a woman of suspicious nature. Her appearance consists of very bleached blonde hair and bright heavy eye makeup, along with an edgy rocker style. With great interest and devotion to aerobics, she has a history of weight issues inculcated by a "fat camp" where she was sent by her mother. Montana is very impulsive and extroverted, as stated by herself in a conversation with Brooke, admitting that people are often annoyed by this. In the wake of the sexual revolution, Montana is sexually uninhibited and has no problems talking about sex in public or having several partners with no strings attached. Montana is a very fit and beautiful young woman with big deepset brown eyes and a very loud and electric personality, unafraid of saying what comes to mind.


Montana is first seen at Xavier's aerobics class. She instantly talks to the new comer, Brooke. Brooke later joins the group and they accidentally run over a man on the road and they take him to camp. Margaret gives the counselors a tour. Montana is later seen when Trevor arrives instantly recognizing him and they later have sex. Montana is among the group when they go to see the dead hiker that Brooke saw but they don't see him. Montana watches the Olympics with the others at night.  Brooke wakes Montana up to see that Montana has a knife when she sleeps. Brooke explains that the phones are working and that the hiker said they didn't but Montana doesn't care.

Brooke and Montana talk about Brooke's past and Montana kisses Brooke much to Brooke's suprise. Brooke later runs into Montana after fighting Rameriez. The two come across Blake's body and they go to the van but they wreck it after Rita jumps in front of it. The team splits up and Montana, Xavier, and Trevor go to get the keys for the motorcycle. 

Montana, Xavier, and Trevor are scared by the pounding on the door only for the intruders to be townies that are killed by Jingles. The three run into an empty cabin where they find the real Rita and they help her escape only for her to die. Montana goes to save Brooke and Montana goes to get "help". Trevor tells Montana and Ray to go get help but Ray leaves all by himself after Rameriez appears.

Ramirez and Montana kiss and Montana asks why Brooke isn't dead yet explaining that Montana and Rameriez are dating. Montana and Donna later fight each other since their "friends" are fighting each other. Montana later shows up when Blake's car burns and Margaret knocks him out and Brooke and Montana carry him into the cabin. Montana goes to kill Brooke but Brooke goes outside after noticing Ray. Xavier wakes up and Donna barged in and explains her and Jingles plan and Xavier goes to kill her. Brooke comes back wondering if everyone is a ghost and Montana says she is not and Montana goes to kill her but she runs away and later in the morning when the campers arrive, Brooke kills Montana. Montana later that day shoots a cop and decides to kill people in her afterlife.

Xavier and Montana continue to kill people and steal their items and Ray disagrees with them. When Benjamin comes to Redwood, the ghosts tell him how they feel. Trevor notices Montana and the two have sex much to Margaret's disguist. Montana later tells Trevor to stay away from her because nothing good will come out of him being with her.

Benjamin comes for a second time and Montana agrees to protect Bobby. Benjamin noticed Montana and Montana is surprised to see him being taken under water by a creature (Bobby). 

When Bobby comes to Redwood, Montana tells him how she and Trevor are ghosts and they kill themselves in front of him to prove it. Montana explains how Trevor died and Brooke saved him. She then tells him how they killed Margaret. Montana attacks Rameriez but Bobby escapes. Bobby comes back and Montana tells him to tell their ghosts stories to everyone and the 80s will live on.


  • To Brooke: "Hi! I'm not a lez, just friendly."
  • To Margaret: "Boss lady chopping her own wood. Choice."
  • To Trevor: "That thing was flopping around like a baby elephant's trunk. First thing I ever masturbated to. You're a legend."
  • To Brooke: "I think I would know if I was dead!"
  • To Brooke: "I know I seem pretty bitchinʼ. But I have moments of doubt too!"
  • Montana: "There's no Montana. Only Zuul!"
  • Montana: "You guys are doing this purgatory thing all wrong. We can be gods here!"
  • Montana: "Theres's a constant feeling of emptiness and longing, but that's pretty much how I felt when I was alive, so!"
  • Montana: "Take a picture, it'll last longer!"


  • Montana is the fourth character portrayed by Billie Lourd. For a complete list of her characters, see Cast.
  • Montana shares her surname with Heather Duke, the second female antagonist in the 1988 dark comedy, Heathers



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