Mother Claudia is the Mother Superior of Sister Jude's old convent. She is a character in Asylum portrayed by Barbara Tarbuck.

Personality and Appearance

Mother Claudia is a very kind and compassionate person, helping Lana escape from Briarcliff without even knowing her, only because Jude asked her to, wanting to help Sister Jude more than one time, and wanting Briarcliff Asylum to be shut down due to its inhuman treatments, even going to the point of risking her own job just to have it shut.


Claudia is a Mother Superior who is a friend and mentor to Sister Jude. She promised to do her best to help Sister Jude return to Briarcliff Manor after her demotion and incarceration.[1] She also played a crucial role in helping Lana Winters escape the asylum. However, once she started talking to the press, she was promptly transferred to Puerto Rico.


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