Your father was wiped out by the crash of '29, and you would have done anything to get back to a home like this. Even marrying your second cousin.
Dandy Mott[src]

The Mott Manor is a location in Freak Show, a large mansion estate located near, or in Jupiter, Florida and has been the residence of the Mott family.


The barred front door opens to a glamorous hallway, with a staircase leading to Dandy and Gloria's room. There is a living room, a dining room that has a door leading to a kitchen, and a playroom for Dandy, full of childish décor, toys, and even a life-size theatre stage. Outside is a large garden filled with flowers, which hides the buried body of Dora Brown.


Prior to 1952, the Manor has been the permanent residence of Gloria Mott and her son Dandy. Dandy would later murder the family's servant Dora Brown, his own mother and Dora's daughter Regina Ross, becoming the heir to the family fortune. Subsequently to Dandy's death in 1953, the Manor's fate is unknown.

Rooms and Locations

  • Vestibule
  • Dining room
  • Dandy's room
  • Gardens


  • Sister Mary Eunice was killed after being thrown from the top of a spiral staircase by Timothy Howard, during which the camera panned from a birds-eye view as she fell to her death. In "Welcome to Briarcliff", Sister Jude refers to this staircase as her "Stairway to Heaven"; consequently, Mary Eunice's descent downward may be symbolic of the Demon's fall from grace. Interestingly, several seasons have featured similar spiral staircases, and all have been displayed from a birds-eye view at least once or more in their retrospective seasons. All of these staircases exist in places known for having dark and sordid histories - the Murder House, the Roanoke HouseBriarcliff ManorMott Manor and Outpost 3 - implying a possible connection to the Demon. This may be further supported via the as-of-yet-explained demonic murals found painted on the walls of the Murder House , which have a striking resemblance to those painted by Constance Langdon - the adoptive grandmother of the Anti-Christ.
    • Interestingly, Miss Robichaux's Academy is the only main location in the series that does not have a spiral staircase, instead featuring an imperial staircase with a large window at its center. Unlike the other locations featured on the show, which are dark and ominous, Miss Robichaux's and all of the furniture within are bright white in coloration, and various forms of light freely stream through its halls. This may be an indication that witches are intended to be "the light in a dark world", metaphorically speaking, and will rise up to defeat the Devil and the Anti-Christ when the time comes.
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