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"Mr. Jingles" is the second episode of 1984. It premiered September 25, 2019.


Darkness descends upon the camp. Although it's lights out, evil has no curfew.[1][2]


Karen Hopple drives to Camp Redwood to meet with Margaret and explain Richter's escape. Margaret does not seem surprised to hear about it, and insists the camp will re-open on schedule. Hopple suffers a blown tire on her return, and a truck intercepts her. Initially unaware that Richter is driving, she asks for a tire repair. He knows that she followed him to the camp and admits that she is right: he is a monster. He drags her out of her vehicle and snaps her neck before taking her ear as a souvenir.

Brooke is still shaken from her phone call. She hears on the TV a news brief about a murder at a gas station in Red Meadows, the same one they stopped at on their way to the camp. She says the Night Stalker is following her. The other counselors think she is overreacting. Margaret enters and reminds the counselors to sleep early, and not to fraternize between genders after dark. She makes a point of reminding the boys to clean away impure thoughts. Montana consoles Brooke, but says that she can't assume that everyone is out to get her. She describes her early experiences went sent to camp as a child, and that she should not imagine the worst.

The previous summer, Brooke walked down the aisle to get married, and her groom Joey is nervous. He saw his best friend, Sam, enter Brooke's apartment the night before and not leave. They insist nothing sexual happened, but Joey jilts her and shoots Sam in the head, killing him, then killed Brooke's father when he tried to stop Joey and then he killed himself.

Brooke insists that Sam was being kind and that they were simply friends. She is upset that no one ever believes her. Montana says that she believes her, and leans in to kiss Brooke. Brooke recoils and says that she needs air, walking away.

Trevor describes to the boys his experience with Montana, as they walk towards the showers. Xavier leaves to get his soap and towels. Xavier is grabbed and pulled into the back of a car, where Blake confronts him. Blake, who found him via his forwarding address, blackmails him into acting in gay porn. Xavier offers to find a replacement and leads him to Trevor in the shower.

Ray, Trevor, and Chet talk in the shower. Blake observes via a peephole while Xavier runs. Richter impales Blake through the head from behind.

Brooke sits on the pier and finds a dead body floating towards her feet, and turns screaming to find the Night Stalker. She overpowers him with an oar and runs. He is intercepted by the hiker, whom he disembowels. Later, the hiker rematerializes alive, only to be killed again. Ramirez pulls the hiker's name tag, which shows he was a counselor in 1970. Looking back up, the hiker has vanished.

Rita dances in the infirmary and turns to find Richter.

Brooke runs to the payphone but finds it cut. Montana finds her and questions what is going on. Together, they run in the direction of Ray's yell, where the men have found Blake. Xavier is distraught, but denies knowing who Blake is. Trevor discovers that Blake's ear has been cut off and they are under siege by Richter.

Margaret walks into her home to find the Night Stalker waiting for her. He wants an explanation for the mysterious hiker that will not stay dead. She puts on some music and gets her first aid kit to treat his wounds. He explains that he has killed men before, but never the same person twice. Margaret credits God with the hiker's resurrection, and says he has been dead for many years. To explain, she asks him to tell her the worst thing that had ever happened to him. He describes a difficult childhood of abuse and physical trauma. His cousin treated his seizures and showed him pictures of women he had killed in Vietnam, and his wife objected; the cousin shot her dead in response. Ramirez says that he likes Margaret, and she explains that he should not feel guilty for his actions if they are in service of God's (or Satan's) work. She tasks Richard with defending the camp and protecting the campers.

Xavier tries to get the van started and the counselors attempt an escape, but they collide with Margaret's car before they can get away, distracted by Rita in their path. She tells them that Richter is back. Both Rita and Trevor have vehicles that can take them individually, but neither has keys. They leave in two groups to retrieve them.

Margaret goes searching for the amnesiac hiker in the woods and, identifying him as Jonas, she says he might be dead. He does not understand, but the the last thing he remembers is running from blood. He says he left (the younger) her to die, and was hit by Jingles in the truck when he ran. Jonas said he didn't see Jingles' face, just heard his keys. Jingles killed him thereafter. They determine that he is a ghost and would have stayed trapped if the counselors had not brought him back to camp. 

Rita's group approaches the infirmary, and together they look for her keys in the desk to no avail. Richter observes them from outside. Trevor's group can't find his keys either, and Xavier breaks down sobbing that it's all his fault for bringing Blake. Both doors are pounded from the outside, someone wanting in.

Featured Characters

Joseph Cavanaugh

Joseph "Joey" Cavanaugh is a guest starring character in American Horror Story portrayed by Spencer Neville. Joseph was always the second smartest kid in school and when he found out Brooke was the smartest, he got the other kids to stop talking to her. Brooke stops being the smartest and Joseph becomes the smartest and he takes her out for ice cream. Many years later, he asks her to marry him and she says yes. On the wedding day, Joseph accused his best man, Sam, of cheating with Brooke and Joseph shot Sam, Mr. Thompson, and himself. 

Sam Duke

Sam Duke is a guest starring character in American Horror Story portrayed by Zach Tinker. Sam was Montana's brother and the only one who believed in her. Sam was accused of sleeping with Brooke and was shot by Joseph.

Mr. Thompson

Mr. Thompson is a guest starring character in American Horror Story portrayed by Steven Culp. Mr. Thompson was Brooke's dad and when Joseph shot Sam, Mr. Thompson got up to save Brooke but was shot by Joseph.


Blake is a guest starring character in American Horror Story portrayed by Todd Stashwick. Blake was the blackmailer of Xavier after Xavier was in one of pornos. Blake was later killed by Benjamin.


  • Margaret: "I refuse to let fear dictate my life."
  • Xavier: "You gonna make us pray the boners away?"
  • Brooke: "Don't have to imagine the worst when it's already happened."
  • Brooke: "Nobody ever believes me."
  • Blake: "That's no cock. That's an act of God!"
  • Richard Ramirez: "I was poisoned before I even took my first breath."
  • Ray: "My patients - they feel and hear. There's even an entire hit song written about it. Coma Chameleon."
  • Jonas
    Am I a ghost?
    Oh, who am I, Dan Aykroyd? I guess.

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