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From Inside TV | Entertainment Weekly American Horror Story - Ryan Murphy Twitter Interview October 19, 2011[]

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: At the end of last week’s episode, Vivien insisted they move. Will the Harmons move out of this house?
RYAN MURPHY: Yes, they will move out of the house…but not at the same time. Obviously, this marriage is in trouble.

What’s the deal with Hayden and her mood swings? Is this going to be a Fatal Attraction-like storyline?
Hayden IS the new Glenn Close. Without the perm.

Why did Constance help Tate and Moira dispose of the bodies at the end of last week’s episode?
Constance is a drama queen, for one. Also… she has an eerie connection to both Tate and Moira.

Can you tease tonight’s episode, “Murder House”?
Murder House is one of my favorites; one major character bites the dust and we learn the ORIGINS STORY of the house.

@EGraber411: What sort of horror movies inspired your new show?
Don’t Look Now; The Shining; Rosemary’s Baby; The Town That Dreaded Sundown.

@lucasshego: Are you planning a second season with another family in the house?
Second season looks promising; waiting for that Golden Ticket pick-up!

@peliculita: Heart the show, but why is the editing so disjoined? I realize it’s supposed to be unsettling, but at times it’s also distracting.
The editing is in the ’70s style…designed to keep you on edge. It slows down as we progress, it was making too many people dizzy.

@kaymaldo: Do you have certain guest stars lined up to appear?
Guest stars: Zach Quinto next week, Eric Stonestreet episode six… currently casting the Black Dahlia. Any ideas?

@badbish: What inspired the series? How did you choose the writers for this series? What made you choose to bring horror to the small screen?
Brad and I have been working on it for three years. It was inspired by our favorite childhood movies. We both like to be scared.

@snokoplasm: How do you transition from a show like Glee to AHS?
Glee to AHS = caffeine, great writing staffs and David Lynch inspiration from everyday situations. Like the internet.