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The Wall Murals are a series of macabre paintings found in the living room of the Murder House. While restoring the house, Chad Warwick and Patrick covered up the murals with wallpaper. Vivien Harmon has since stripped all the wallpaper only to reveal the twisted masterpieces. In Spooky Little Girl, Constance painting a picture in her kitchen of a man with a skull, an apple and a woman. It looks similar to the Wall Murals. This could mean that she painted these murals. This has not been confirmed yet though. Murals could possibly predict events, from the Infantata (crying baby) to the birth (woman with Death beneath her), that lead up to the birth of the Antichrist.

The murals feature:

  • An old man with a red coat and a beard. A demon with a pig snout seems to be biting him or whispering into his ear.

The image of the demon and the old man was inspired by Francisco de Goya's Two Monks (1821-23). The entire murals resemble Luca Signorelli's fresco The Damned Cast Into Hell (1499-1503) and The Resurrection of the Flesh. This forms part of frescos on the Last Judgment. A detail is in the gallery below, the entire fresco is linked.

Two Monks Dark Period 1821 23

At the feet of the old man and the demon, there is a crying infant in a white dress, potentially a baptism gown.

  • The old man, the demon, and the crying infant watch two beings under white cloaks rape a woman and drink blood from here. (Possible connection: Tate Langdon's rape of Vivien Harmon whilst disguised as the Rubber Man)
  • A twisted face with fangs.
  • Unhappy faces, which could possibly be "lost souls".
  • A priest warding something off with the cross. (Possible connection: The priest seen in the preview of "Spooky Little Girl").
  • A Madonna. (see German trailer video, beginning). (Possible connection: Episode 9, "Spooky Little Girl").
  • A child. (see German trailer video, beginning)
  • A nun. (The nun can be seen in the background of the picture of Ben and Vivien kissing in the gallery below. A much clearer look at the nun is provided in the German trailer video for "American Horror Story" (see video).
  • The German version is called if translated "American Horror Story - The Dark Side in You.") (Possible connection: Episode 9, "Spooky Little Girl").

American Horror Story Deutschland Teaser

  • The torsos of two women, who have had their legs and arms dismembered. One of the women is being stabbed in the back by someone or something.

(Possible connection: Episode 9, "Spooky Little Girl")

  • A woman lying on a bed in pain or fear. At her head are several demons with animal faces. Her legs are spread as if giving birth or as if someone is examining her. At her feet someone with a skeleton hand (could possibly represent "Death") is holding a stick with strangled fetuses on them.
(Possible connection: This could be either in reference to the abortions that took place in the basement or in reference to Constance's "cursed womb" and Vivien's "demon pregnancy". The babies strangled and dangling by ropes around their necks are also featured at the end of the Pilot episode in flashes during the end credits, as seen in the picture below.)
The image of the woman with the demons at her head has some similarities with Henry Fuseli's painting "Night Mare" (1781). This could be entirely coincidental, however.


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