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A Muse pill

There’s nothing better than those first few nights on the Muse. That’s what we should call it by the way; the Muse…
Austin Sommers[src]

The Muse pill is a concoction that greatly enhances a person's ability to create art through any medium (writing, singing, painting, etc.) at the expense of needing to feed on blood. The person who ingests the pill will begin to feel immediate effects and must keep ingesting the pill and drinking blood if they want to continue their success. People who have taken the pill and do not have talent that the pill can enhance are converted into Flesh Phantoms that roam the streets and attack anything with blood. The pill was created by The Chemist and was spread through a small circle in Provincetown mainly by Belle Noir and Austin Sommers.[1]


The pill works by firing neurons in the Occipital Lobe of the human brain at anywhere from 1000x-5000x their normal firing rate, increasing the users ability to do artistic activities by an immense amount. A caveat of this effect, however, is that it uses up four vital minerals in the user's blood to make this happen: Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, and Potassium. These minerals must be replenished soon if not immediately after using the pill; if they aren't the host will die.[2]

The pill has different effects based on the person's talents:

Those who are talented with a gift in the arts will remain with the same appearance, however, their body while under the effects of the Muse will need to feed on blood; because in order for the brain to become superior in the arts it uses up the previous stated nutrients in the host's blood.

Those who aren't naturally talented will revert into flesh phantoms; pale, bald, and lanky individuals suffering from uncontrollable twitches and unnatural movements. These creatures greatly resemble Count Orlok from Nosferatu.

Characteristics and Powers[]

How strictly these "rules" are applied varies and has never been clearly defined in the series itself.

  • Creativity Empowerment - Those under the Muse's effects will have exponentially increased ability to be creative amongst their fields, be it writing, singing, painting, etc. They become more motivated and extremely enthused about their own work as their works becomes masterpieces.
  • Irritative - Those under the Muse's effects become much more angered and irritated by those around them if pushed the wrong way, becoming verbally abusive and protective of their work.
  • Blood Diet - Those under the Muse's effects need to feed on blood, particularly fresh blood. This is because the drug depletes the major minerals in the bloodstream, which have to be replenished in massive amounts.[1] Belle Noir has noted she does her best work when she drinks the blood of infants and children.[3]


  • Mortality - Those under the Muse's effects are still human and share many of the same weaknesses as non-supernatural beings (e.g. age, decapitation, disease, heart-failure, suffocation, snapped neck, gunshot, serious injury, etc.).
  • Creative Depowerment Withdrawal - Those who stop taking the Muse pill after they started will experience a lower drive for creativity than before they took the pill. They also can never achieve the height of creativity they had before they took the pill.

Afflicted Parallelism[]

The Muse's effects are similar to how the afflicted are with the enhanced senses and the need for a blood diet. Unlike the afflicted, those under the Muse seek to acquire fangs to help with feeding with the help of Dr. Lark Feldman. The differences between the effects of the muse and the ancient blood virus are that the muse seems to be much more science based, given it is created by The Chemist as a chemical concoction, and those under the muse appear to have no supernatural abilities like the afflicted have. Another factor in the differences is with the afflicted, feeding on unhealthy people such as drug addicts, alcoholics, etc. the afflicted will feel poorly and other negative effects; those under the muse can feed on anything and anyone without any negative effects, be it random town folk or even animals such as deer and squirrels.[1] This is proved by Belle Noir, who regularly feeds on Mickey, the town's meth addict, without any problem. [4]

Known Users[]


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