Mutt Nutter is a nuclear scientist longing for the end of the world. He is a character in Apocalypse portrayed by Billy Eichner.


He works alongside Jeff Pfister at Kineros Robotics as an equal, where they seem to develop highly realistic human sex dolls. He sold his soul to the Devil in order to gain wealth and is now part of the Cooperative. He has ties with some satanic groups, which is how Michael Langdon came to know him. 

Personality and Appearance

He has a bowl-cut hair like his business partner Jeff and dresses quite informally. He is implied to be a cocaine consumer as well just like Jeff and doesn't care about having a prostitute give him fellatio while Jeff is right next to him. He also displays a very carefree attitude towards Michael 's plans to bring forth the Apocalypse and is eager to help him. He has also shown a considerable disregard for human life and even excitement, like when Michael demonstrated his power by immolating the prostitute that was previously servicing him or when he was about to shoot Myrtle in the back. 

To survive the Apocalypse him and Jeff are assigned to Outpost 2. 



  • Mutt is the fourth character played by Billy Eichner. For a complete list of his characters, see Cast.
  • He and Jeff are indirectly responsible for killing the witches, as they were controlling Mead.


  • To Jeff: "Oh, boy. My head hurts when you get all existential and shit."
  • Myrtle Snow
    These little symbols are Outposts for the survivors of this little holocaust you're so gleefully anticipating..
    Mutt Nutter
    It's not little, lady. Seven billion dead in the first ten minutes, starting with you.



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