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Natacha Rambova (formerly Winifred Shaughnessy-Hudnut) is an actress in the Roaring Twenties and the wife of Rudolph Valentino. She is a character in Hotel portrayed by Alexandra Daddario.


Natacha was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in Jan 1897 as Winifred Kimball Shaughnssy. When her mother, Winifred Kimball, married her 4th husband millionaire perfume manufacturer Richard Hudnut, he adopted her. Her name was legally changed to Winifred Hudnut. She used the stage name Natacha Rambova most likely to attract people's interest. She married Rudolph Valentino. California law required a 1 year waiting period after a divorce. Since it had been less than one year since Rudolph Valentino's divorce from his first wife, Jean Acker, he was arrested and charged with bigamy. His marriage to Natacha was annulled and they were ordered to remain apart for one year. They quietly remarried 1 year later in Indiana. After they met the wannabe actress, Elizabeth, they started an unusual relationship with her. Once she and Valentino became afflicted they turned Elizabeth and attempted to get her to run away with them. When her husband, James March, found out about their plans he trapped Natacha and her husband in a closed hallway of the Cortez.

Personality and Appearance[]

Natacha is a tall and skinny brunette woman with beautiful eyes. She is described as "the most exotic woman in the whole world".


Valentino and Natacha attacked two of the men who worked under the renovations of the hotel and found a closed hallway with only one room and a few walled doors. When they killed them and drank their blood, they found a group of friends who checked into the hotel. After feeding upon them, and also Marcy, they became young and full of life again and left the hotel. [1]

After a few days, Elizabeth finds out that they're staying at a local motel with the help of a detective. She and Rudolph plan to trick and kill Natacha and live together for eternity. When she arrives back at the motel after a day of shopping, Elizabeth invites her to a girls' night at the Hotel Cortez.[2]

When Natacha arrives for the party, Elizabeth starts kissing her but then Natacha asks what does she want, they have an argument and Elizabeth shoots her in the forehead.[3]


Natacha Rambova was one of the oldest vampires, turned by Rudolph Valentino in 1926. She possessed all of the powers common to vampires.

  • Immortality - Natacha was not susceptible to human weaknesses, thus being immune to all aging, disease and death. However, she was still vulnerable to physical injuries.
  • Conversion - Natacha was able to spread her supernatural virus onto human beings by letting humans drink some of her blood, therefore transforming these humans into vampires.
  • Enhanced Senses - Natacha was naturally superior to humans in almost every way, possessed of otherworldly senses which allowed her to easily overcome mortals:
    • Night Vision - The ability to see in the dark.
    • Heartbeat Detection - The ability to hear a human's heartbeat.
    • Blood Smell Detection - The ability to identify specific individuals based off the scent of their blood, allowing her to track others over long distances.
  • Enhanced Strength - The ability to exhibit strength beyond a normal member of the user's species.
  • Enhanced Speed - The ability to perform motions, or movements, at a speed and effortlessness that surpassed that of a normal member of the user's species.
  • Hissing - Natacha had the ability to emit a loud hiss, similar to a bat, when threatened or angry.
  • Concilium - The ability to control others' minds, which she often used to seduce hapless men and women.


  • To Elizabeth: "Gods have appetites."
  • To her friend: "They'll print anything to sell magazines."
  • To Elizabeth: "I should've killed you after our first tango."


  • This character is loosely based on the real Natacha Rambova, though in this case, there is an error in the show as this Rambova was supposedly sealed up in the hotel with Valentino shortly after the latter faked his death in 1926. The real Natacha lived another fourty years and remarried in the 1930s. However, due to the supernatural nature of the show, this could be an alternate world where Rambova disappeared in history shortly after Valentino's "death" due to being sealed in the Hotel Cortez, possibly thought to have been one of the women who committed suicide over Valentino's death.
  • The three-way relationship between Elizabeth, Rudolph Valentino and Natacha could be the American Horror Story in-universe version of the real sapphic relationship between Natacha Rambova and actress Alla Nazimova, carefully hidden to the public with arranged marriages.



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