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New York City also known as The City of New York, The Big Apple, or simply New York, is the largest city in terms of population in the state of New York and the United States. It is the main setting of the eleventh installment of American Horror Story, with the season named after the City itself.



17 Great Jones. Apartment 11[]

A luxurious penthouse apartment owned by Sam, an art dealer and agent of famous photographer Theo Graves, who uses the penthouse as a studio for his photo sessions. The building also contains a basement where a darker side of Sam comes to light.

Barelli and Read's flat[]

Journalist Gino Barelli shares this flat with his partner, NYPD detective Patrick Read. The flat is a safe haven for the closeted law enforcement officer.

The Ascension Bar[]

An extremely elegant and members only gay club run by Dunaway. Theo Graves and Adam Carpenter went on a date here when when Big Daddy set the building on fire, resulting in seven fatalities and an ominous warning for the community.

The Brownstone Bar[]

A lounge bar where Henry keeps an eye on the juicy gossip and activities of patrons whose appetites are insatiable.

Central Park[]

A large park where gays go cruising... and where danger lurks in the shadows.

The Ditch[]

A leather bar owned by mafia associates and run by Alana. It is one of the places where the Mai Tai Killer hunts his victims.

The Downtown Native[]

A New York-based news outlet that reports on issues that the gay community is forced to face. Activist Fran makes sure that women's issues are equally heard.

The Hole[]

A sex club that, according to Henry, crosses the boundaries of legality by sexually exploiting young men.

Neptune Baths[]

A bathhouse frequented almost exclusively by gay men and delighted by the beautiful voice of Kathy Pizazz, a cabaret performer.

New York Police Department[]

The 6th Precinct of the New York City Police Department headed by Chief Mac Marzara. Detective Patrick Read, Detective Mulcahey and Chief Manney also work here.


A salon where the community goes for entertainment ranging from promiscuous sex, poetry recitation and improvisation to drag performances and cabaret. Hans Henkes, Daniel Kanowicz, and Cameron Deitrich are some of the regular entertainers. Morris brings Adam to one of the evenings.