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Nicolette is is the manager of Talia's Hamptons home that seems to be here longer than we think... She is a character in Delicate portrayed by Michaela Jaé Rodriguez.


Nicolette is a single mother raising an eight-week old baby on her own. She is the sitting house manager for Talia Thompson and is a supporter of Anna Victoria Alcott, a therapeutic friend of sorts, that helps her through her tough breaks.

Personality and Appearance[]

Nicolette is a young African-American woman with glazed black hair and wears glasses. Her go-to colour, like many characters in this season, is blue. Not much is known about Nicolette, but she seems professional while also having a sense of compassion and friendship, as shown when she supports Anna with her recent problems. She is also a very suspicious woman, shown by her constant staring at guests.


In 1988, when Anna was born, her mother inexplicitly died a week after her birth. At the hospital, Anna starts crying at the sight of her deceased mother and her father can't get her to stop. A unusually young Nicolette, no older than herself in the present, takes Anna and nurses her till she falls asleep. She then vows to protect Anna.

In the present day, 2023, Anna awakes to the sound of Nicolette singing "Rockabye Baby" from the kitchen. Anna interrupts the new mother as she pumps for breast milk, and she was watching a video of herself with her baby to help her lactate. Anna introduces herself cordially and asks to see the video. Nicolette has returned to work after 8 weeks, because she is a single earner. Anna is alarmed to see a gift basket from her "The Auteur" director, Hamish, on the counter. Unnerved by the message in the included card, Anna abruptly grabs the gift basket off the counter and takes it to Dex, walking away abruptly which confused Nicolette in the process.

Much later, Anna returns back to the house and Nicolette greets her but Anna rudely declares that she's "not in the mood" which threw Nicolette off completely.

A few weeks later, Anna murders a baby raccoon in which she had lost her sense of comprehension and took it back to Talia's house. Nicolette asks Anna about the raccoon, in which Anna explains that she should worry about her own baby. Nicolette, in shock, tries to stop Anna from taking the raccoon upstairs however, Anna simply tells her to go home and take the night off as she's being a pest.

Later, without any harsh feelings, Nicolette welcomes Anna back to the house and congratulates her on her already-popular reel, and her newly-announced pregnancy (which was diagnosed as a miscarriage before). Nicolette becomes close to Anna after that, forming a "sisterhood" within the Hamptons house.

A week after, Sonia Shawcross visits the house and Anna sees that Nicolette is continually staring at Sonia, and becomes suspicious. After dinner, Anna hostily confronts Nicolette and asks her how she knows Sonia, on which Nicolette exclaims that she doesn't know Sonia at all.

Sometime after the news of Babette's death, Nicolette awakens Anna, eager to show her yet another doll. This particular doll had arrived unclothed at Nicolette's doorstep, located an hour west in Rocky Point. Nicolette ponders whether someone is attempting to convey a message through these dolls. Suddenly, the enigmatic black cat named "Felix" enters the room, introduced by Nicolette to Anna. Inspired by the dolls' discovery, Anna decides to mark the locations on a map, only to realize that they form a large-scale pentacle. To provide comfort, Nicolette has heated the pool for Anna's relaxation. Astonished by Nicolette's perceptive understanding of the baby, the housekeeper reveals that her family has always possessed a unique intuition regarding pregnancies. As Anna floats in the water, she is abruptly overcome by unsettling visions.


Nicolette was a witch and disciple of the Delicate Coven.

  • Immortality - Nicolette appears to be immune to all aging, disease and death.[1]
  • Transmutation - The magical ability to move instantaneously from one location to another.
  • Potioncraft - Potioncraft is the ability of witches to create/produce mixtures and substances with magical properties. Nicolette was among one of the witches of the Delicate Coven brewing blood potions.[2]
  • Spellcraft - Affinity for casting spells and performing rituals[2]


  • To Anna Victoria Alcott: "Pregnancy feels like a union... Like a sisterhood!"
  • To Anna about the dead raccoon: It doesn't seem to be moving..."


  • Nicolette is the first character to be portrayed by Michaela Jaé Rodriguez.
  • MJ Rodriguez was nominated for "Outstanding Actress in a Limited Series" for her role as Nicolette.


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