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'American Horror Story': Ryan Murphy on Constance's brood and next week's Rubber Man reveal -- EXCLUSIVE[]

by Tim Stack, Nov 16, 2011

Well, now we’ve met three of Constance’s four children. Tonight’s American Horror Story featured the introduction of Beau, who haunts the attic of the Harmon house after being smothered by Larry (Denis O’Hare). Beau was in desperate need of a hot oil hair treatment and a mani/pedi to say the least. Viewers also learned what exactly the “infantata” is (basically it’s a Frankenstein baby who does not enjoy breast feeding). The episode also ended with what appeared to be the first moment where Vivien (Connie Britton) realized that this house may be haunted. With next week’s epic Rubber Man episode around the corner, EW talked to Ryan Murphy about all the Horror happenings.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why hasn’t Constance ever gone to jail for being the worst mother ever?
RYAN MURPHY: Funny you should ask. Two episodes from now we do a whole episode where Constance is called on the carpet for all of her crimes, all of them. And the question is how does she get out of it? Or does she?

I love Marcy the realtor (Christine Estabrook, Desperate Housewives). I am obsessed with Marcy the realtor. I love her! I love her! Every episode we’re like “We’re killing Marcy this episode. This is the episode.” And then we get to writing her and she’s too hilarious to kill. I think she’s been a great source of levity and I think she’s a terrible person. She’s a racist and a homophobe and the worst realtor in the world. She’s that incompetent bumbler. I like to imitate her in the writer’s room.

So Ben finds out Larry didn’t kill his family. Why would Larry tell Ben that originally? Well I think he’s a very slimy character first of all. I think what he says about the house is true, but also I think he’s been trying to manipulate Ben into leaving so he can get the house back. The thing that’s interesting is people who watch the episode will think, “Oh he got the burns by going into the bedroom to save the wife and kids.” That’s not accurate either. We have an upcoming episode where we see how he really got them.

I love the infantata flashback. Love that his name is Thaddeus. Why is he bloodthirsty? Is that to keep him alive? Yes. I think with any sort of horror show, you get what is the myth of that creature? And I think the approach we took to that is it’s sort of half-Frankenstein, half-Dracula. Left by himself in the house. Bloodthirsty. We’ve shown in other episodes where he’s been eating possums and bugs to sustain himself.

We’ve seen three of Constance’s children — will we see the fourth? We’ve talked about that, and we’ve talked about “Who is the fourth?” We of course know who that is. Yes I think you probably will, but maybe that’s a mystery I don’t want solved.

Why does Tate hate his mother so much? Oh you’ll see! There’s a whole episode that sort of resolves the Tate/Larry/Constance/How is she getting away with all of this?/Why did Tate do that at the school? All of that is in episode 10, I believe.

Is Vivien actually having twins? Or some mutant monster that looks like twins? Could be. Could be.

In the final moments, she sees the photo of Nora. Will next week have her trying to get out of this house? Yes. It’s a little more diabolical than that.

And next week is the Rubber Man reveal right? Yeah. Next week is great because it has several things that I’m proud of. I think it’s award-winning work from Connie Britton because she has to play paranoia. We reveal 100 percent the identity of the Rubber Man. We also show people how the Rubber Man came to be. You see, Where did the costume come from? Who is it? Why are they doing that? What is the Rubber Man’s goal? It’s also a great episode for Zach Quinto, who’s amazing in it.

So Rubber Man’s origins involve the gay couple? Yes, in an interesting way. Absolutely yes.

Is Zach in a flashback? Yes. The interesting thing about the next episode is it’s structured with many more flashbacks than we’ve done. The next episode we move back and forth in four different time periods.

Are we gonna see Hayden again? Oh yeah. Heavy. She’s in the next episode too.

This episode sounds like quite the AHS fandango. “Rubber Man” is I think by far my favorite episode. I think it’s very psychological and I think one of the things about the house is that it’s always conspired to help people or drive them crazy. In the next episode, it kinda does both. Suffice to say, there are several characters in the next episode who want that baby and will do anything to get it.

Once we figure out who Rubber Man is, will we understand what Vivien has inside her? Yes.

Have you all shot the finale yet? We’re shooting as we speak.

Do you feel good about it? Yeah. I’m very proud of it. I think it’s very satisfying and also deeply unsettling. It’s both terrifyingly bleak and oddly uplifting. I think when people see it, it will be clear what the second season will be about. I hope so anyway.